Falcon Radio wishes to expand

Ryan Glover | Digital Editor

Last year, senior Aiden Moyer introduced a new way to enjoy walking in the halls.

Moyer created Falcon Radio, so he could play music in between classes. Doing it with one person would be pretty tough, so Aiden looked for some staff to help him out.

Senior Steven Frank was quickly taken in

to the program after he showed Aiden how much he loved the concept of Falcon Radio and music.

HOSTING: Seniors Steven Frank and Caden Ebersole use the intercom system to host Falcon Radio from the main office.

“Of all the different high schools I've been to, no other had a program like this, so that interest alongside an interest in music led him to sort of ‘adopt’ me into the program,” said Frank.

Before Moyer graduated, they made plans for the future of Falcon Radio.

“At the end of last year, we had meetings discussing the future of the Radio and plans. We agreed to add a 3-DJ roster, expand to different school events, work with sports, even a podcast,” said Frank.

Frank has already started his new legacy as head DJ, and is making his impact.

“The program has played more of a wide variety of song genres, from classical, to rap, to rock,” said Frank.

Overall, though with many expansions and all his future, Frank needs more staff.

A meeting took place on Monday to look for prospective students interested in taking up the activity in between classes.

“Falcon Radio is expanding this year, and we'd love for anyone interested to look into joining," Frank said.

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