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Bold Steps makes a return

Grade Tadajweski l Editor-In-Chief

While a student’s life after high school may seem far away, the school is hosting an event with hopes to give students a glimpse of their very near future.

Juniors and seniors will attend the Bold Steps event during periods two and three on Thursday, March 23. The event will be hosted in the LGI and alumni gym, where tech schools, colleges, businesses, and career clusters will be set up.

“There really should be something for everyone even if you have a plan, and you’re going to college,” said the college and career center’s Deb Follett, who helped organize the event with counselor Carlos Carmona.

While the event used to only feature tech school representatives, Follett has expanded the event more in the past two years. This event growth can be attributed to Follett’s desire to provide more options to students to find their post-high school path.

“(I am most looking forward to) students getting excited about their futures and what they will do,” said Follett. “I know we have the whole Project LIFE, but sometimes if you actually see something in front of you, you are like ‘okay, I could see myself there, envisioning my future.’”

Local businesses that are hiring will be at the event, but, there will also be business representatives present to simply discuss their career and necessary training with interested students. Juniors may also set up job shadows at the event.

“We want this to be not only a practical resource for students, but we want it to be worth the time of the employers who are taking time away from their business, especially the local community business,” said Carmona. “We got a lot of nice talented students here, and it would be awesome for them to remain here as awesome employees or for them to go to college and know there is something waiting for me. (I want them) to say I don’t have to go out of Lebanon to have a meaningful and impactful career in life.”

Varying employers such as the State of Pennsylvania to the Walmart Supply Chain to WGAL will be present at the event. According to Carmona, employers will have incentives and benefits for students to show them how valuable their employment could be.

“This takes a lot of planning and work to put this together, but it’s very rewarding to see students make that connection,” said Follett.

Follett and Carmona have been planning the event since early January.

“It (planning) has not been a difficult process because there is a vent up need for human capital in our community, so we have employers and trade schools and colleges and organizations that are chomping at the bit to be able to have face-to-face conversation with our students,” said Carmona.

Seniors that already have a definite post-high school plan can talk with employers about options after college. Additionally, these seniors can have their photo taken to be shared on the Soaring to New Beginnings mural outside the cafeteria.

“(I am looking forward to) the opportunities and the variety of people to interact with,” said senior Morgan Renaud.

Renaud is committed to Lebanon Valley College. Colleges such as Penn State, University of Pittsburgh, and University of Delaware will be at the event along with nursing schools and health science schools.

“I think it will be a great opportunity for students of all walks of life to find more information on career and college options for their future,” said art teacher Tori Dissinger.

The event is centered around interaction and allows students to choose which representatives they talk with.

“I would say look at what your options are, actively look,” said Follett. “Get out there and explore. We’re a little microcosm of the world at large, so explore all of your possibilities.”

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