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Lack of snow disappoints

Delaney Smith l Feature Editor

Winter brings the promise of snow, hot chocolate and days off from school.

Unfortunately, there has been very little snow this year leaving many students missing the classic winter weather. While only having to make up one snow day so far has been nice, I miss waking up to see a foot of snow outside and hear that school has been canceled for the day.

Surprise delays and days off of school are not the only things that I have missed so far this winter. The lack of snow has taken away some of the magic that I feel when I look forward to this season.

Waking up to see the beautiful landscape covered in snow and ice is something that I have missed the most. Also, the absence of snow has prevented several winter activities that I always look forward to such as sledding, snowball fights, and snow tubing at Iron Valley.

With winter in its final days, I am not hopeful that any last-minute storms will bring enough snow to create the perfect snow day that students anticipate this time of year.

While the warmer temperatures have not been ideal in terms of snow, they have been helpful in other aspects of students’ lives.

Spring is quickly approaching and with it the beginning of spring sports. This warm winter has given me the option of working outside to prepare for the spring lacrosse season when I would normally have to do modified workouts indoors.

The lack of snow has been disappointing, but I am excited that I can use this opportunity to practice outdoors.

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