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Falcons Forever

Brendan Sheehan l Associate Editor

The smell of fresh glue and treated paper, the haste of flipping through the pages, trying desperately to find your name and picture. Getting a yearbook is an experience typically associated with celebrating the end of the year.

Before sending the final draft to the publisher this month, the yearbook staff has worked since the beginning of the year documenting the school’s many events.

Yearbooks can be purchased online at until May 1. Remaining copies will be sold in room 413 when the book arrives, usually the week before Memorial Day, for $65.

The book’s theme is “Falcons Forever” with a cover design developed by the yearbook staff. It combines themes of spray-painted artwork with a vibrant blue and gray color palette, according to senior editor Aritzy Sandoval.

“I think the book is going really well so far,” said Sandoval. “Since we’re taking our time with it, we’re much more coordinated.”

Sandoval took inspiration from the Chicano Art Movement in southern California with their use of spray-painted and airbrush murals, she said.

“I really wanted to mimic that style of using spray-paint like they do,” said Sandoval.

The staff consists of 16 juniors and seniors allotted around one to three weeks at a time to complete a series of assigned pages. According to Sandoval, these assigned pages are given based on the staffer’s interests.

“My favorite aspect of the yearbook is probably the components of what makes a page look great,” said senior editor Paolo Cañete. “I love seeing the big center statement picture that everyone shoots their eyes to and then the smaller and more detailed pictures that go beyond the surface.”

The staff is also made up of many first-year upperclassmen who are learning much of the content for the first time.

“(My favorite aspect of yearbook is) just all of us working together and helping all the new people with pages,” said senior editor Raquel Romano.

The spring supplement will be released with the yearbook in late May to early June, containing content from the spring sports season and prom.

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