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OBX season three releases

Delaney Smith l Feature Editor

Fans of the series “Outer Banks” have been waiting almost two years for the highly anticipated premier of season three, and now it is finally here.

The new season of this binge worthy show was released on Feb. 23 and quickly rose to number one in TV shows on Netflix. These ten episodes are packed with twists and cliff hangers while everyone’s favorite treasure hunters face a new antagonist even worse than Ward Cameron from previous seasons.

“I didn’t like Ward,” said sophomore Elise Shiner. “He was the evil character, but this season he changed and seemed like a sweetheart.”

Fans of JJ and Kiara, who have been prominent characters since season one, were ecstatic to watch their relationship bloom over the course of these episodes.

“JJ and Kies finally getting together (was my favorite part),” said junior Peyton Woods. “Or when John B. and Sarah found the treasure.”

The plot of this season follows the Pogues as they take on new jobs hunting for treasure and solving mysteries around their town in North Carolina. The friends face many complications when they come to realize that not everyone in town is trying to help them on their adventures.

“(My favorite part was) the treasure hunt in the last episode,” said senior Bailey Eisenhour. “(I’m looking forward to) the hunt for Blackbeard’s treasure in future seasons.”

Despite the mostly positive feedback for this show, there have been some criticisms when it came to the character development, speed, and overall plot.

“My least favorite part of the new season was that it felt very rushed,” said freshman Campbell Meyer. “The CGI and animations were poorly done.”

One of the biggest shocks of last season was the return of main character John B.’s dad. Previous seasons have been focused around the Pogues’s search for their friend’s MIA father, and now, the audience gets to see them reunited.

“John B.’s dad was my least favorite,” said Woods. “He was very annoying and had way too much screen time.”

Shiner, who has been watching since the show made its first debut in April of 2020, is eager to see how the plot will continue in future seasons. The show’s creator, Jonas Pate, has revealed that he originally planned to have four or five seasons, so there are sure to be plenty of twists that will leave viewers shocked.

“They only showed JJ and Kies’s relationship at the end, so I am looking forward to seeing how that evolves,” said Shiner. “I am also looking forward to seeing what new jobs they have.”

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