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Hydro flask is no more

Anna Peelen l Entertainment Editor

Has a new trend arrived and finally overtaken the Hydroflask?

Following the winter break, there has been a surge in reusable water bottles by the brand Stanley.

Stanley is primarily a camping and outdoor brand but has come out with a new, stylish 40-ounce cup. The Stanley cup, not of the NHL variety, has quickly gone viral.

The cup comes in many colors and has a straw, handle and insulated body.

The tumbler recently blew up on social media platforms, primarily Tik Tok, during the holidays, and thus was widely seen during the gifting season. Due to its rise in popularity, Stanley cups have been commonly seen in the halls.

The Stanley is similar to many other top of the market water bottles, but, instead, many Stanleys have a handle.

“My Stanley doesn’t have a handle, but I would say that’s the main standout of the cups,” said senior Alyssa Vandett.

The Stanley cup also has many other attributes that set it apart from other bottles as sophomore Mallory Murphy observed in her own Stanley cup. The top of the Stanley cup has a significantly larger diameter than the bottom, allowing the cup to fit in cup holders unlike other large bottles.

“I like that it fits in cup holders,” said Murphy. “There are different types, so it’s rare you’ll have the exact same one as someone else.”

Sophomore Emma Davies received a Stanley cup for Christmas and finds the cup fits all her water-drinking needs.

“I feel like I can carry all my stuff easier, and I don’t drop the Stanley like I dropped my Hydroflask,” said Davies.

Many are discouraged by the price of Stanley cups, but Davies remains that the cup has been a good investment. The 40-ounce Stanley tumbler costs $40.

“I’ve used mine everyday since I got, and its definitely been paid for in uses,” said Davies.

Although many students are excited for and are partaking in this trend, others merely see the cup as a fad which will merely pass.

“Personally, I think it’s stupid because it’s just the new Hydroflask, and it’s just a random water bottle that’s expensive and over-priced,” said freshman Brooklyn Wilson. “It’s definitely going to die out just like Hydroflask.”

While having a high price and similarities to other water bottles, the Stanley remains popular among the crowd.

“I think the cup is cute, but it’s similar to the trend with the Yetis and Hydroflasks,” said Vandett.

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