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The secret dance, now open to anyone

Grace Tadajweski l Editor-In-Chief

Breaking up the time between the Homecoming and King of Hearts dances, the Mini-THON committee will be curing many students of their fever for dancing.

The Mini-THON Committee will be hosting a winter wonderland themed dance on Saturday, Dec. 3 which is open for all students to attend. The dance’s proceeds will go towards the Four Diamonds fund.

“Our goal for this dance is to raise as much money as we can for Mini-THON and Four Diamonds,” said senior co-president Olivia Gerhart. “A lot of work goes into our grand total at the Mini-THON, and the dance is a great kick off for announcing the real Mini-THON and fundraising for our goal.”

The committee aims to raise a total of $20,000 this year. Their total goal includes both hopeful profits from the dance and the actual Mini-THON event, hosted on Feb. 23.

“I think people should attend this dance because it’s for a good cause,” said senior co-president Elsa Thomas. “Not only will the dance be fun, but all of the money raised goes towards Mini-THON and Four Diamonds, so you’re helping by just buying a ticket.”

Four Diamonds is an organization dedicated to helping children with cancer and their families. The fund covers medical expenses and provides necessary resources to families.

“People should come to the dance because it’s a chance to hang out with friends and fundraise money for a good cause,” said Gerhart. “When I think about this dance, I like to think that we are dancing for the kids that don’t have the chance to attend events like this because of their sickness.”

Tickets will be on sale the week of Nov. 21 and the week of Nov. 28. Tickets cost $8, and no guests will be permitted.

“I would like to have a good turnout for the dance,” said Thomas. “I also just want people to have fun. I think this is a great opportunity for people to spend some time with friends and have a good time.”

The Mini-THON Committee hosted last year’s winter dance for freshmen and sophomores when the two grades were unable to attend homecoming due to COVID-19 capacity restrictions. Because of the dance’s reported success, the Mini-THON committee decided to host a similar event for all grade levels this year.

“Last year, the freshman and sophomore dance was a great fundraiser for Mini-THON, and we want to see how it will go with the whole score,” said Gerhart. “It’s a way to bring the school together and bring awareness for our cause as well as raising money.”

Erich Carroll, Sarah Gebhard, and Chris Hiester took on the role of Mini-THON Committee advisers last year. However, their new introduction to the club has not stopped the committee from pursuing new ideas.

“The goal is to give our students a fun activity to enjoy and also raise money,” said Gebhard. “We are willing to try any fun ideas to help us meet our fundraising goal.”

Like the King of Hearts fundraiser, the winter dance will also offer a court-like structure to honor those who have raised the most money. The boy and girl with the highest total raised towards Four Diamonds in each grade up to the time of the dance will be named as ‘royalty.’

“I’m excited to see who is in the lead with helping Mini-THON raise funds,” said Gebhard.

Similarly, Thomas also is most looking forward to seeing who raises the most money. In contrast to King of Hearts, however, the royalty will not be picked from a chosen court. Instead, the royalty can be anyone who partakes in the fundraising.

“I am excited to announce the ‘royalty’ for each grade,” said Gerhart. “It’s a great incentive for people to raise money, and we really have no idea who the winners will be.”

Mini-THON committee members and students alike foster a similar excitement for the new dance.

“I’m most excited to just see all my friends all at once and have a good time,” said junior Nick Lambros.

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