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Sliding into Safe Driving

Katherine Idjunji l News Editor

Watch out for winter weather!

Every year, student drivers are warned about the dangers of driving in the snow and ice. Drivers should take many precautions to make sure that everyone stays safe this winter season.

Physical and drivers' education teacher Robert Schelhorn warns students about the many laws that exist surrounding the issue of removing snow from your car. He suggested that students review the laws on the Triple A website before going out into the snow and ice.

“Preparation, speed, and awareness,” said Schelhorn when discussing what students should demonstrate.

With the new technology that exists today, others also warned students about the dangers of distracted driving, especially in the snow.

“Students should turn off their cell phones, because it is too tempting to look,” said school resource officer Steve Tribioli. “You can put your phone in the do not disturb distracted driving mode, so that it does not distract you.”

According to senior Josh Trovinger, it is also important for students to practice driving in these conditions ahead of time, so that students are ready and prepared to drive when need be.

In these conditions it is also important to remember to drive at a slower pace. More than 150,000 car accidents are due to irresponsible driving in snow and ice.

“Speed is always a factor when driving in these conditions,” said school resource officer Gregory Stone. “Imagine going the same speed limit as the posted sign when there is snow and ice on the road. The amount of space you need to break greatly increases.”

Students should remember to be prepared when going out into these conditions, so that they do not find themselves in a sticky situation.

"Students should have with them a snow scrapper and other supplies,” said junior Lindsey Hecksher. “This way, students are prepared in case of emergencies.”

In addition to being prepared with physical supplies, students should make sure they have a car that has passed inspection and is not due for maintenance.

“Students should also make sure that they have 4-wheel drive,” said Trovinger. “This is ideal when the conditions are less than perfect.”

These tips are crucial in order to keep yourself and others safe on the road. Almost 900 people are killed in accidents due to snow and ice.

“It is important (to take precautions) so that you do not hurt yourself or someone else in the snow and ice,” said Tribioli.

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