Senior takes advantage of working during day

Jackson Fields l Perspective Editor

Leaving high school, students take different paths to reach their future destinations. Some go to college, some the military, and some go straight to the work force.

Regardless of one’s future plans, the co-op program is applicable to all interested. Pursuing a co-op allows one to get a taste of working in a new environment while gaining money, a large factor behind why many seniors take advantage of the co-op program.

Senior Jillian Tobias works at Wolf Driver Training School in Lebanon for her co-op. Although she does not plan to work here as a post-high school career, Tobias’s co-op allows her to earn desired money.

Wolf Driver Training School teaches students with their permit how to drive through on-road classes and also offers a Penn Dot certified driver’s test on site. Many students choose Wolf Driver Training School as their test provider of choice.

Tobias’s family’s involvement in the business pushed her to pursue this as a co-op. Tobias’s father, Eric Tobias, is a trained instructor and certified examiner at the school.

“The process of starting a co-op is pretty easy,” said Tobias. “Mr. Grumbine is in charge of the co-ops, and he is very willing to help anyone interested get started.”

Darren Grumbine has taken up the mantel of running the co-op program this year. With trade jobs going up in salary, student participation in the program has been growing the last few years.

“Co-op helps give students experience in their field and see if their career path is right for them,” said Grumbine. “Most kids decide their career without knowing all that their career choice entails. Then they go to college, spend 4 years and a lot of money, only to change their mind.”

Tobias works as an office manager at the driving school where she takes phone calls, schedules appointments, and doses data entry for the state. She also handles customer service, which is a necessary skill for most jobs.

“I love the co-op program because I am able to gain money for college while also still being involved in the school,” said Tobias. “I believe co-op brings a nice balance to work and school because it is done during the school day.”

Working this co-op, Tobias has gained work experience such as, office management, cooperation, organization, communication, data entry, and scheduling. Tobias’s day follows an interesting schedule as she works at her co-op for periods one, two, five, six, and seven while still managing to keep up with her schoolwork.

“I am very happy about the decision I made,” said Tobias. “I am learning a lot at my job and gaining work experience, but being involved with the school is important to me too. With the co-op program, I can gain experience and still be involved at school.”

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