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Senior Heads from School to the Workforce

Katherine Idgunji l News Editor

Senior Kayley Kershner is ready to bask in the enjoyment of post-graduation life.

She was among one of 13 seniors to graduate early on Jan. 20. Kayley is looking forward to getting ahead on her post-graduation goals.

“I wanted to graduate early to get a head start on my future career,” said Kershner. “I enjoy getting tasks done and being ahead of schedule. I feel that I will be more prepared when going to college in the fall and will have more time to work a job.”

There is strategic planning with scheduling that must occur in order for a senior to graduate early. In order to graduate, students need four English credits, so they must take a summer class or double up fall semester senior year to meet this requirement.

“I prepared to graduate early by doubling up on my English classes my senior year,” said Kershner. “In my math classes, I took classes that were usually a grade above me, so, I was already more than prepared to make this big decision to graduate early.”

Kershner plans to work at the Mount Gretna Hideaway after graduation to gain experience in collaborating and communicating with people.

“I believe that this will help me with my nursing major because it gives me the opportunity to be able to work with people, and take care of their needs,” said Kershner. “I love working with people and helping them.”

Before becoming a waitress at the Hideaway, Kershner worked as a host at the Blue Bird Inn, a scorekeeper at Klick Lewis Arena, and as a certified Learn to Skate instructor for USA Figure Skating.

“I believe graduating early brings a sense of accomplishment because it brings someone closer to their next big step in the future,” said Kershner. “I believe it takes stress off and gives me more time to think, work, and achieve more before leaving in the fall to start the next chapter in my life. “

After working during the spring and summer, Kershner plans to attend the University of Arizona to major in nursing. Kershner received several scholarships towards the college which ultimately helped to shape her decision of picking that college.

“I am very excited to spend time across the country meeting new people, enjoying the warm weather, and most importantly, furthering my education and knowledge of becoming a RN,” said Kershner. “If I am able to, I would like to further my education even more, becoming a surgeon.”

In order to make the best post-graduation decision, Kershner took many biology classes and even job shadowed at the Wellspan hospital to see what the nurses did.

“My biggest goals after graduating early are overall working on myself,” said Kershner. “Being able to have the chance to start early gives me more time to prepare for my future in the fall.”

The new chapter in Kershner’s life beginning means closing the old chapter- high school.

“My favorite part about high school was being able to make memories with friends and teachers,” said Kershner. “They have all helped me to take this next chapter of my life and encourage me to step out of my comfort zone. I will greatly miss all of them, and I will miss all of their help and support.”

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