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Highlights from the morning show


Graffiti Highway Sparks Public Art  Debate

Produced by Ian Morley, Neal Keller, and Racheal Andor.

Peer Helpers Fill Counseling Gap

Produced by Ian Morley, Megan Carpenter, Mady Doxtater, and Phillip Patches.

Thai-ing Cultures Together

Tattoo Fundraiser Helps

Local Family

Produced by: Ian Morley, Abbie Greenawalt, Sierra Gunnells

Produced by: Ian Morley, Abbie Greenawalt, Sierra Gunnells

2019 King of Hearts Court

Produced by Lexi Lesher

2018 Homecoming Court

Produced by Emmett Dixon

2018 Dating Game

Produced by Hannah Shirey


Seventy Years of Community Service

Produced by Jordan Brown. Camera: Jack Muraika. Audio: Sara Russo, Makayla Miller

Cornwall-Lebanon School District Has Heart

CLSD Veterans

Share Their Stories

Produced by Taylor Laliberte

March 14th Tribute Video- Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School

The Dating Game

Produced by Annie Gerhart

2017 Homecoming Court

Produced by Taylor Laliberte


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