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Although Billie Eilish has become a rising sensation for this generation, she failed to perfect her singing performance in her new album “WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO."

Her album was released March 29. This is Eilish’s first album in her career succeeding the many singles she has released along with covers she has done in the past.

Eilish’s showers her songs with her personality while also dee...

Juice wrld released his third studio album “Death Race for Love,” equally sad in sound and quality, on March 8.

Most people, whether they are fans of Juice wrld or only heard a few of his songs, recognize him for his sad rap lyrics.

“Death Race for Love” features 22 mediocre songs about love, depression, lean broken hearts, depression, regrets, betrayal, depression, etc.

Though the album is mostly depressing and poorly written, l...

graphic by Marissa Arnold

Playing it safe, Avril Lavigne broke her six year silence with an album characterized mostly by its dull and repetitive nature.

Avril Lavigne released new album “Head Above Water” Feb. 14, largely inspired by her experience with Lyme disease.

The titular opening song, “Head Above Water,” represents the album’s intentions. It is beautifully written, with powerful orchestral accompaniment and empowering ly...

Backstreet’s back and it is just alright. The Backstreet Boys released their 9th studio album “DNA” a generation too late.

Attempting a comeback, the Backstreet boys threw together a monotonous album with sound dating back to the early nineties. While big in their day, their a capella style and frequent solos make the album boring and tedious.

“Is It Just Me” is the worst on the album due to its trivial sound. It is completely u...

Concerts are a luxury some enjoy frequently while for others it can be a once in a lifetime experience. Thanks to Netflix, Taylor Swift fans can enjoy the experience her newest concert tour without the ticket cost.

Taylor Swift Reputation Stadium Tour shows one of Swift’s many shows on her Reputation world tour. This film follows the show she played in Dallas, Texas.

Viewers can enjoy songs from Swift’s newest album as well as s...

graphic by Marissa Arnold

Reaching back from the grave XXXTENTACION dropped his new album “Skins” posthumously on Dec. 7.

The album is a combination of XXXTENTACION’s projects at the time of his death, which explains why most of the songs are short and heavily instrumental.

“Skins” opens with an introduction from XXXTENTACION talking about what he wanted the album to represent and asking his fans to “open their minds” to the musi...

In ‘theory,’ Muse’s latest album builds on their existing style, but in reality it falls flat.

Muse released its eighth studio album, “Simulation Theory,” Nov. 9. Extending the band’s existing sound, its eerie songs attempt both old and new techniques.

The album opens with “Algorithm,” easily the worst song in the album. It focuses heavily on serving as an intro, but repetitive instrumentals and dull vocals set the bar low for r...

graphic by Grace Redclift

Incredible performances and detailed reproductions tribute Queen in “Bohemian Rhapsody.”

While the band is renowned around the world, their exceptional story is widely unknown.

The film follows the band’s story through the eyes of lead singer Freddie Mercury, played by Rami Malek (“Mr. Robot” 2015-present, “Night at the Museum” 2006). It depicts the band’s humble beginnings as a pub band and the hardship...

Staying relevant through time is something many artists struggle with. The solution to relevance for Paul Simon, half of the iconic duo Simon and Garfunkel, is trueness to the classics while adding new elements.

For an album containing variety without straying from classic sounds, look no further than Simon’s “In the Blue Light,” released Sept. 7.

“One Man’s Ceiling is Another Man’s Floor” opens the album, showcasing both jazz a...

At the age of 76, Paul McCartney, former lead singer of the Beatles, has released his 18th studio album, “Egypt Station,” which draws on ’80s rock and blends together old-school and modern sounds.

“Who Cares” is a prime example of this, as it features electric guitar instrumentals and catchy choruses that work together to create a fun, slightly rebellious vibe.

“Come On To Me” has an edgier sound and features a variety of instru...

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