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photo provided by Justin Cruise

Few organizations are respected as much as the Marines, and this year, one senior will be joining their ranks.

Justin Cruise is preparing to enlist in the Marines as a military police officer.

“At first [joining the Marines] was about money because I really didn’t want to go to college and pay for that,” said Cruise. “It then turned into more of serving my country and being respected and having hon...

While many seniors are looking forward to their next educational endeavor, there are some students that are choosing a different route and enlisting to defend our nation.
Senior Hailee Smith has chosen to join the U.S. Army.
“I’ve been wanting to do this since I was really young,” said Smith. “My mind has been set since then.”
Smith’s father was a cook in the Army. This led to her being around the kitchen and helping there.

photo provided by USNSCC

Choosing to enlist in the military wasn’t an easy choice. I had to find something that would be a good fit for me.

If you know me, you know that my personality isn’t one that likes to sit in an office from nine to five. I am a hyperactive person who is always running around and is always doing something, so something like a desk job just wasn’t for me.

I wanted to find something that I could do right out...

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