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Every year, students come together to perform in the spring musical. This year, the cast has expanded to include members of the faculty.

When casting the musical, director Martha Pierce put out a call for members of the faculty to perform as nuns in the chorus. Five high school teachers and two nurses have signed up, as well as teachers from the middle and elementary schools.

“It’s great fun, we’ve been accepted by the kids and...

photo by Annika Evans

The hills will be alive this weekend as junior Kara Peterschmidt makes her third appearance in CCHS theater as Maria in this year’s production of The Sound of Music.

“I feel very confident,” said Peterschmidt. “It is a great way to get out of your comfort zone. It’s a way to expose yourself and be vulnerable.”

Peterschmidt has been in around 12 productions including ones at the Lebanon Community Theater and...

photo by Annika Evans

Being a lead takes hard work, determination and practice.

Aaron Ciccone proves that as he prepares to star in The Sound of Music, the spring musical.

“It feels good, I’m happy with the role that I had gotten,” said Ciccone. “But also I feel like I don’t truly care about being the lead more so than just acting in general and having the ability to tell a story.”

Ciccone is a senior and this will be his last tim...

 photo by Madeline Gingrich

Being a stage manager is one of the most important roles in play productions, and one student will be taking on this challenge for the second time this fall.

Junior Abbie Greenawalt will be the stage manager for this year’s fall play, “The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940.”

As stage manager Greenawalt is in charge of props being where they need to be and making sure people are doing their job. She sees e...

photo by Sully Minnick

The role of a comedian is something easy to slip into for another comedian, even if the character is not actually funny.

In the fall play “The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940” senior Luke Joynt plays Eddie McCuen, a comedian characterized by being largely unfunny, despite his attempts at comedy. Joynt’s own personal interest in comedy makes this role one that feels natural for him to assume.

“I identify with...

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