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The prestige of the small but powerful term “Doctor” before one’s name is a goal many wish to achieve. Mrs. Malinoski has completed her vigorous degree giving her the new title of Dr. Malinoski.

From the beginning of her career as a principal she had a goal to earn her doctorate. This has been a long and vigorous process for her but after 11 years of being a principal she will walk with her class and receive her doctorate.

The p...

Few high school students have had to experience the hardship of having a parent diagnosed with cancer. Senior Alan Yang’s mother was diagnosed with osteoscarcoma in October of 2018.

Osteoscarcoma is an extremely rare type of cancer with less than 1000 cases per year. It is a type of cancer that exists within the bone.

“Knowing programs such as Relay for Life is to help raise money for cancer is such a relief because we are not v...

photo by Sully Minnick

Few jobs are obtained without interviews; from retail jobs to company positions, first impressions are important.
Both presentation and preparedness are key elements of a good first impression. These were both practiced by 65 students with Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) who participated in mock interviews and a fashion show.

Around 10 students in the ability-based learning program participated in th...

Approximately one in four teenagers between the ages of 13 and 18 have anxiety. I am one of them.

I have been dealing with my anxiety for the past two to three years, experiencing it on some level nearly every day. It ranges in intensity from an underlying uneasiness to overwhelming panic that makes my heart race.

It can often be triggered by seemingly insignificant things, such as a text message or nail polish, and spiral downw...

photo provided by Justin Cruise

Few organizations are respected as much as the Marines, and this year, one senior will be joining their ranks.

Justin Cruise is preparing to enlist in the Marines as a military police officer.

“At first [joining the Marines] was about money because I really didn’t want to go to college and pay for that,” said Cruise. “It then turned into more of serving my country and being respected and having hon...

While many seniors are looking forward to their next educational endeavor, there are some students that are choosing a different route and enlisting to defend our nation.
Senior Hailee Smith has chosen to join the U.S. Army.
“I’ve been wanting to do this since I was really young,” said Smith. “My mind has been set since then.”
Smith’s father was a cook in the Army. This led to her being around the kitchen and helping there.

photo provided by USNSCC

Choosing to enlist in the military wasn’t an easy choice. I had to find something that would be a good fit for me.

If you know me, you know that my personality isn’t one that likes to sit in an office from nine to five. I am a hyperactive person who is always running around and is always doing something, so something like a desk job just wasn’t for me.

I wanted to find something that I could do right out...

In third grade, senior Serena Cheng visited Yale University, where she one day hoped to attend college. Flash forward nine years later, and Cheng was accepted into the Ivy League school of her dreams.

Meanwhile the youngest member of the senior class, Viraj Govani, plans to start his path to becoming a cardiovascular surgeon at Cornell University, another Ivy League school.

The acceptance rate at Cornell was 10.3 percent last ye...

For the first time in decades, the school’s FBLA branch is sending a student to run in a state election.
Current FBLA Vice President junior Kimberly Speece announced Tuesday that she will be running for state reporter, and if she wins, Speece will be the first state officer from Cedar Crest since 1987.
“I’m really excited about the entire process,” said FBLA adviser Amy Sullivan. “It’s been enjoyable, exciting, challenging, in...

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