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When a team of the best mathematical minds in the school put in tremendous effort and pooled together their skills, they accomplished something great.

On April 12th, seniors Emily Bixler, Viraj Govani and Aidan Hanley and junior Dominique Smith-Rodriguez competed against 60 other competitors from 15 other schools in the Millersville High School Math Contest.

With combined individual and team scores, the team ranked first place i...

For the first time in decades, the school’s FBLA branch is sending a student to run in a state election.
Current FBLA Vice President junior Kimberly Speece announced Tuesday that she will be running for state reporter, and if she wins, Speece will be the first state officer from Cedar Crest since 1987.
“I’m really excited about the entire process,” said FBLA adviser Amy Sullivan. “It’s been enjoyable, exciting, challenging, in...

As the year goes on, more seniors have completed their exit interviews, and more know which college they are going to. Their high school experiences are coming to a close, and many of these students have reflections on it all.

The beginning of the end was the exit interview, and the process in preparing for it. Most students begin with the step of choosing some colleges they would like to apply to.

Senior Ian Benard had four col...

A tasty new lunch treat for students has just hit the cafeteria, with the arrival of the new slushy machines.

Installed Feb. 4, the slushies may be added to lunches as a fruit item. Students have already been enjoying them, and many are getting them with their meals.

“It is to help add a new fruit to the mix,” said cafeteria manager Marci Heverling. “The slushy machine is 100 percent juice, so that gives the option to have that....

Every year, FBLA hosts a blood drive to help benefit the community, and every year, some new faces show up, ready to help out by donating blood to those who need it.

One of those new faces is junior Jasmine Kearns, who donated blood for the first time. She saw it as an opportunity to do some good, and was inspired to do so.

“My mom used to donate blood and so I was like, ‘yeah, this is how I can help people,’” said Kearns.

A comm...

Returning veterans, new hopefuls, and a powerful energy are going into this year’s bowling team, as their new season begins.

Last year, the team did well, placing second in Section One of the Lancaster-Lebanon League, behind Ephrata, with a record of 9-4. Going into this season, the team has ambitious aspirations, with Coach Jennifer Wagner aiming to get the team into the number one position of Section One.

“I think [we’re looki...

It is no secret that people all over the world love meat. In the US especially, meat is often eaten in excess.

As much as individuals and society itself enjoy beef, pork, chicken and other meats, that does not change the fact that people could do with less of it.

Meat, as it turns out, is not efficient as an energy source, as animals have their own body processes to run, meaning not all their food becomes edible meat.

Most animal...

photo by Sully Minnick

The role of a comedian is something easy to slip into for another comedian, even if the character is not actually funny.

In the fall play “The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940” senior Luke Joynt plays Eddie McCuen, a comedian characterized by being largely unfunny, despite his attempts at comedy. Joynt’s own personal interest in comedy makes this role one that feels natural for him to assume.

“I identify with...

        Emily Bixler                     Viraj Govani                     Aidan Hanley                    Jackson Muraika

Every year, so...

Paper media continues to fade into the cultural backdrop, and the internet is increasingly how people communicate and live their lives. As such, the Talon has ramped up its activity in the digital world.

In an effort to reach out to students, especially in an increasingly social media oriented world, the Talon staff is utilizing the Talon Twitter far more.

“Our goal is to totally model a professional newspaper,” said Talon advis...

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