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Few high school students have had to experience the hardship of having a parent diagnosed with cancer. Senior Alan Yang’s mother was diagnosed with osteoscarcoma in October of 2018.

Osteoscarcoma is an extremely rare type of cancer with less than 1000 cases per year. It is a type of cancer that exists within the bone.

“Knowing programs such as Relay for Life is to help raise money for cancer is such a relief because we are not v...

graphic by Marissa Arnold

Although Billie Eilish has become a rising sensation for this generation, she failed to perfect her singing performance in her new album “WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO."

Her album was released March 29. This is Eilish’s first album in her career succeeding the many singles she has released along with covers she has done in the past.

Eilish’s showers her songs with her personality while also dee...

Many people dream of becoming authors, but few take the steps to get to that point. Junior John Fitzgibbons has done just that by submitting an original work to Scholastic.

Fitzgibbons won a Scholastic Gold Key award for his story “The Dollhouse Rebellion.”

The story follows a family of dolls living in a realistic world. As the story progresses, the reader learns that the doll family is part of a minority that is being targeted...

Despite continuing a series of movies that made Tyler Perry famous, the new film, A Madea Family Funeral has failed to continue his legacy.

Starting off with sublime acting, Sylvia played by Cierra Payton (“The Runner” 2015, and “Madea Goes to Jail” 2009) and Carol played by Kj Smith (“Baker’s Man” 2017, and “Throwback Holiday” 2018 ) are preparing a family reunion inviting Madea, played by Tyler Perry (“The Haves and Have Nots...

For many other schools, leaving during lunch time is a regular occurrence. Now, it has been implemented here.

In the past month, seniors have been able to venture out and enjoy a different meal on Fridays during their lunch.

“I think it’s really fun to take a break from the normal routines of school and take some time to sit down and eat lunch,” said senior Pam Wuori.

The incentive has been offered for seniors with a blue or gray...

photo by Annika Evans

Being a lead takes hard work, determination and practice.

Aaron Ciccone proves that as he prepares to star in The Sound of Music, the spring musical.

“It feels good, I’m happy with the role that I had gotten,” said Ciccone. “But also I feel like I don’t truly care about being the lead more so than just acting in general and having the ability to tell a story.”

Ciccone is a senior and this will be his last tim...

When teams think of goals, they consider qualifying for Leagues, Districts, or having a perfect season. Wrestling Coach Christopher Voshell aspires for bigger goals.

“My goal as a head coach is for the men in our program to be successful in post high school life no matter that that is,” said Voshell. “I want them to be contributing members of society, to go on to college and graduate, to begin careers and to be good husbands an...

 photo by Madeline Gingrich

Being a stage manager is one of the most important roles in play productions, and one student will be taking on this challenge for the second time this fall.

Junior Abbie Greenawalt will be the stage manager for this year’s fall play, “The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940.”

As stage manager Greenawalt is in charge of props being where they need to be and making sure people are doing their job. She sees e...

Representing their team in leagues is what many athletes hope to do by the end of their season. Juniors Claire Andrews and Olivia Hitz represent the girls’ tennis teams in leagues this October.

“It feels pretty great because it was a fun experience to go with our whole team and it was fun to have team bonding and playing with our team,” said Hitz.

Both varsity players placed second in flight two doubles. Andrews placed second in...

 Photo by Sara Varela

Many students dream of leaving a mark on their high school. Seniors Jae Getz and Taylor Gunnells are accomplishing this dream by painting a mural in the main office.

Painting a mural is very detailed and requires a lot of thought and perspective.

I did three sketches (sophomore year) and a year later they asked Jae Getz and I to do one. I really love doing them because it’s a lot different than what others g...

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