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Principal earns doctorate

The prestige of the small but powerful term “Doctor” before one’s name is a goal many wish to achieve. Mrs. Malinoski has completed her vigorous degree giving her the new title of Dr. Malinoski. From the beginning of her career as a principal she had a goal to earn her doctorate. This has been a long and vigorous process for her but after 11 years of being a principal she will walk with her class and receive her doctorate. The process to earn a doctorate involves much time and energy. For Dr. Malinoski’s program through Drexel University, she had to complete 60 credits in the form of two classes every ten weeks. This program normally takes three years but she completed it in only two and a h

Student affected by cancer

Few high school students have had to experience the hardship of having a parent diagnosed with cancer. Senior Alan Yang’s mother was diagnosed with osteoscarcoma in October of 2018. Osteoscarcoma is an extremely rare type of cancer with less than 1000 cases per year. It is a type of cancer that exists within the bone. “Knowing programs such as Relay for Life is to help raise money for cancer is such a relief because we are not very wealthy and these programs helps pay that kind of bill,” said Yang. Yang’s mom traveled to China back in October as she felt the communication between doctors and her transportation would be made much easier. Yang’s mother returned back early March to continue her

IEP students practice interviews

photo by Sully Minnick Few jobs are obtained without interviews; from retail jobs to company positions, first impressions are important. Both presentation and preparedness are key elements of a good first impression. These were both practiced by 65 students with Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) who participated in mock interviews and a fashion show. Around 10 students in the ability-based learning program participated in the fashion show. They demonstrated types of clothes that could be worn to a job interview to other students who were planning to participate in mock interviews. “It teaches them to give it their best shot,” said job trainer Joanne Torok. “Because you might not be able

Staffer speaks on mental health

Approximately one in four teenagers between the ages of 13 and 18 have anxiety. I am one of them. I have been dealing with my anxiety for the past two to three years, experiencing it on some level nearly every day. It ranges in intensity from an underlying uneasiness to overwhelming panic that makes my heart race. It can often be triggered by seemingly insignificant things, such as a text message or nail polish, and spiral downwards from there. Sometimes there is not even an identifiable cause for my anxiety, which is incredibly frustrating. Earlier this school year, I could feel my anxiety worsening. I was having major anxiety attacks way more often than usual and dealing with it had become

Senior prepares for life in Marines

photo provided by Justin Cruise Few organizations are respected as much as the Marines, and this year, one senior will be joining their ranks. Justin Cruise is preparing to enlist in the Marines as a military police officer. “At first [joining the Marines] was about money because I really didn’t want to go to college and pay for that,” said Cruise. “It then turned into more of serving my country and being respected and having honor.” As a military police officer, he will check people in at the entrance of the base he is stationed at and defend it. “I’m excited for that because then I get to come home and be like ‘hey, look what I did,’” said Cruise. Before he can begin his military career, h

Senior following path of father, joining army

While many seniors are looking forward to their next educational endeavor, there are some students that are choosing a different route and enlisting to defend our nation. Senior Hailee Smith has chosen to join the U.S. Army. “I’ve been wanting to do this since I was really young,” said Smith. “My mind has been set since then.” Smith’s father was a cook in the Army. This led to her being around the kitchen and helping there. “I’m going into the Army because I don’t like the air and I don’t like water,” said Smith. “I just want to stay on the land.” Smith has always known that she wanted to enlist rather than going to traditional college or tech school. She will leave in summer to comple

Staffer aspires to be Navy SEAL

photo provided by USNSCC Choosing to enlist in the military wasn’t an easy choice. I had to find something that would be a good fit for me. If you know me, you know that my personality isn’t one that likes to sit in an office from nine to five. I am a hyperactive person who is always running around and is always doing something, so something like a desk job just wasn’t for me. I wanted to find something that I could do right out of high school because I knew college just wasn’t for me. I didn’t want to go another school after spending 12 years in the public school system. I’m not a big school guy so I knew I had to do something that would fit my needs I knew that I wanted to find something t

Seniors committed to Ivy Leagues

In third grade, senior Serena Cheng visited Yale University, where she one day hoped to attend college. Flash forward nine years later, and Cheng was accepted into the Ivy League school of her dreams. Meanwhile the youngest member of the senior class, Viraj Govani, plans to start his path to becoming a cardiovascular surgeon at Cornell University, another Ivy League school. The acceptance rate at Cornell was 10.3 percent last year and Yale’s was 6.4 percent. No Cedar Crest graduates have attended Ivy Leagues since 2016, when Zachary Koslowski (brother of Class ’19, Hallie) went to University of Pennsylvania. “I screamed so loud when I opened my acceptance letter,” said Cheng. “It was the hig

Cafeteria staff serves 2 areas

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, other cafeteria staff was tasked with creating a safe way for students to eat our lunch and breakfast for the school year. In order to follow proper social distancing, the cafeteria now has tables facing the same way, and  only 1-2 people may sit at a table. Students are assigned to a number table where they can safely take off their mask and eat. “It is really different because you have your own table and you can’t sit with people,” said sophmore Katie Metzgar. Along with capacity and fitting everyone in the café, there are now have two different cafeterias -the normal cafeteria is for freshmen and sophomores, and Alumni Gym for juniors and seniors. Ju

Prom-posals drop in popularity

photo provided by Alivia Serenita Over the last few years, many students have been asked to dances in an extravagant way, flowers, posters, even light up messages have all been ways that students pop the question to their dates. Although these prom-posals were extremely popular and almost considered necessary for past proms, the trend has all but died out this year. Instead of making big displays of affection the week before tickets go on sale, students asked each other casually over Snapchat and made date arrangements in prom group chats. “It just felt a lot easier and more comfortable to figure it out in the group chat,” said senior Madison Menser, who will be going to prom with Trey Erdma

Outdoorsman pursues wildlife career

photo by Sully Minnick From the time he was young, senior Derrick Via has enjoyed nature through hunting and fishing. Now, Via has chosen a major that will allow him to both work directly with nature and ensure that it will continue to be accessible in the future: Wildlife Technology. Via will attend Penn State Dubois for Wildlife Technology. This major is centered around natural resource management, wildlife biology, range management and more. “When I went to Wildlife Leadership Academy, we had a visit to [Penn State Dubois] and we met with the professors, we talked about the program, what it entails,” said Via. “I got a whole outline of all the courses and everything and I decided that’s w

Tennis sports top players

photo by Alivia Serenita With two boys ranked consistently at the top of the ladder, the boys’ tennis team is expecting nothing but success this spring season. Senior Jackson Muraika is ranked first in singles, for the third year in a row, while junior Dylan Tull has been ranked second for the past three year. Muraika was also ranked second in his freshman year. Tull is overcoming an injury from last spring where he broke his wrist after playing in the team’s third match, putting him out for the remainder of the season. “I’m hoping for a great run by the team and myself individually and I feel like we have a great chance at finishing well league-wise and district-wise,” said Tull. The team h

Artist's first album unexceptional

graphic by Marissa Arnold Although Billie Eilish has become a rising sensation for this generation, she failed to perfect her singing performance in her new album “WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO." Her album was released March 29. This is Eilish’s first album in her career succeeding the many singles she has released along with covers she has done in the past. Eilish’s showers her songs with her personality while also deeply choosing proper lyrics for many fans to relate too. She shows throughout her album how young she is and provides laughter with the comments that are made throughout the song. “my strange addiction” provides a drop of laughter when she includes scenes from “The Of

Staffer weighs track against a job

Many students, like myself, are faced with the challenge of managing time, money and responsibilities throughout the school year. This became an issue for me when I was deciding between doing track and field or getting a job this spring. I weighed out my pros and cons and made a decision to stick with track. I knew I couldn’t give up track my senior season, but the idea of having extra money was very tempting. Especially with the things coming up as a senior like prom, senior week and summer vacation. I thought of getting a job not only to have money but also with the hopes that I would have more free time. I was thinking I could work, but not every day. Of course, we all know how tough work

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