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KOH court raises money

photo by Sully Minnick Every year the seniors on the King of Hearts court compete to raise the most money for the American Heart Association. Members have come up with many creative ways to collect donations. “Canning is important because it is a way to get a lot of people interested in donating to the American Heart Association,” said Adam Brightbill. As of Tuesday, the current leaders for most raised money are Viraj Govani, Logan Horn and Brightbill. “Cardiac disease is such a big issue,” said Govani. “It would mean a lot to raise money to help as many people as we can.” Some of the court members are giving a reward in return for a donation to the American Heart Association. “Selling cand

Team 'bowls' over competition

Many teams know what it feels like to fight to be at the top, but it takes determination and teamwork to sit at the number one spot. The bowling team is currently first in the league after recently overtaking Penn Manor. “The fact that we have been trailing behind Penn Manor majority of the season and to finally pass them is a fantastic feeling and morale boost to the team that we can do bigger and better things,” said senior Scott Garrett. Garrett is averaging 190-200 and junior Kolby Bennett is averaging 221 per game. Bennett won the state bowling match last year. “Honestly, being the state champion has affected me a great deal coming into this season because all my friends and family memb

True story inspires viewers

Based on the true story of Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s rise to notoriety, “On the Basis of Sex” is an inspirational film about fighting for equality under the law. The film starts out following Ruth Bader Ginsburg, played by Felicity Jones (“The Theory of Everything” 2014, “Rogue One” 2016), as she studies at Harvard Law School and struggles to find a job as an attorney because of her gender. She gains an opportunity to challenge this discrimination when her husband, Martin Ginsburg, played by Armie Hammer (“The Social Network” 2010, “Call Me by Your Name” 2017), begins working on a groundbreaking tax case involving gender-based discrimination of a man. Together, Ruth and Martin use the case to at

Alumni return for panel

photo by Emily Bixler After four years of walking the halls, 10 alumni returned to speak to current students. The alumni panel was held Jan. 9 in the library. There, students had the opportunity to ask questions to the panel, most of whom are currently attending college. Members of the panel spoke about their experiences applying to college, their time at college and a variety of other topics. They also offered advice to the largely senior audience, most of whom have not yet committed to colleges. “It was nice to see that the things that we worried about weren’t that big a deal or maybe things that we didn’t know we should pay more attention to we should emphasize on when we apply to college

Senior balances CTC, basketball

photo by Sully Minnick Known not only for her skills as a basketball player but also as a leader, senior Raven Morgan hopes to lead the team to success this season. As she is the only member that has been on the varsity team for all four years, she is looked up to by her teammates. “My leadership benefits the younger classmates because I think they have someone to look up to,” said Morgan. Tuesday, the team was 6-0 in Section One of the Lancaster-Lebanon League and 10-3 overall. “I think to achieve team goals the entire team needs to make the goals and work together to accomplish them and not just be one person,” said Morgan. Morgan leads the team in scoring, averaging over 12 points pe

Drama queen rules in concert tour

Concerts are a luxury some enjoy frequently while for others it can be a once in a lifetime experience. Thanks to Netflix, Taylor Swift fans can enjoy the experience her newest concert tour without the ticket cost. Taylor Swift Reputation Stadium Tour shows one of Swift’s many shows on her Reputation world tour. This film follows the show she played in Dallas, Texas. Viewers can enjoy songs from Swift’s newest album as well as some of her older, classic songs. Some older hits that may sound familiar are “Style” from the album 1989 (released in 2014) and “Love Story” from the album Fearless (released in 2008). Swift embraces her inner diva during this tour, as she makes many comments about pe

Comic-based film's art awes viewers

Spinning a new diverse twist on the beloved Spider-Man, “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” takes viewers on a thrilling journey of the new Spider-Man. After tragedy strikes, Miles Morales, voiced by Shameik Moore (“The Get Down” 2016-2017, “Dope” 2015), is forced to confront his new powers and save the world as the new Spider-Man. A split through time and space causes multiple dimensions to unravel and leads other-dimension spider-men (and women) to join forces with Miles in an attempt to get home. The plot is extremely creative and expresses and new take on a well-known classic. It also reveals new original origin stories based off the comic. Also, the diverse take on Spider-Man and the st

Avoid midterm stress: prepare

graphic by Marissa Arnold Midterms are fast approaching, and students can find themselves wound up and stressed about how they will perform. Fortunately, there are some major things that all students can do to perform better on exams. One of the easiest things for people miss, or even intentionally skip, is breakfast. Breakfast is, as the saying goes, the most important meal of the day. Breakfast has been proven to be very beneficial for students’ energy levels and focus, according to an article by the BBC. Among the best foods to eat the morning of test day are whole grains and proteins. A healthy night’s sleep, something students lack on a regular basis, is also vital. Being well-rested is

King of Hearts Questionnaire

Adam Brightbill Why do you want to be King of Hearts? I want to do a good thing for a good cause and that would mean I raised the most money How do you plan to fundraise? Canning at houses and asking friends and family for money What is your dream vacation? Riding on these jetskis in Dubai For you, what would be a perfect date? Doing Physics with Viraj Govani Who is your role model? Scott Wagner What would be your rapper name? lil bill What are your plans after high school? Attend the Air Force Academy or Penn State for Computer Science What is your dream job? A Google Engineer What is your hidden talent? I'm the best Rocket League player in the school If you could see a band or musician fro

School 'ready' on new state report card

Students are used to receiving report cards gauging their academic progress, and they are not alone. Every year, each school in PA is graded on various aspects of its success over the last year. The results for the 2017-2018 school year were released December, providing updated information on every school’s progress. This year, the state has shifted from the PA School Performance Profile to the Future Ready PA Index as the public gauge of schools. While the PA School Performance Profile is still made, it is now primarily used for teacher and administrator evaluations. “[The Future Ready PA Index is] will give the public a better visual of what’s happening in schools rather than just scores b

More semester-long courses added

As the semester comes to a close, underclassmen are looking ahead and beginning to choose their courses for next year. There will be more selections available to them this year due to the recent changes made to course offerings in nearly every department. 12th grade college prep English will be split into two semesters. Seniors will take a writing course in the first semester, while in the second they can choose to take Modern Literature, British Literature or Speech. “I think [the change] is a big benefit,” said John Gates, head of the English department. “They will be doing more writing in the fall and they will have more options in the spring that will suit what they are interested in.” N

Senior moves on in Poetry Out Loud for third year

photo by Sully Minnick Continuing her three-year streak, senior Brooke Halinar placed first in the school-wide Poetry Out Loud finals, putting her on track for regionals and possibly states or nationals Poetry Out Loud finals were held 3 p.m. Tuesday, featuring eight contestants who moved on from the school-wide competition. Last year, she won first in the state and moved on to the national level of the competition, receiving an honorable mention. “It’s still very nerve-wracking, even after three years, to get up in front of people,” said Halinar. “There are still so many fantastic performers here that it’s still worrisome, but it’s energizing, and I love the feeling.” She recited “Monet Ref

Basketball player awarded MVP

Many successful athletes struggle to share the spotlight with their teammates, this does not seem to be the case for senior boys’ basketball player, Logan Horn. Horn has been an impactful yet humble member of the team since his freshman season. “I knew it was my time to step up as a leader, after losing a lot of the seniors from last year,” said Horn. At the CCHS Tipoff tournament on December 28, Logan was awarded MVP of the tournament, after the team finished with a 58-52 win against Lebanon. “The team and I have worked really hard, said Horn.” “Our preseason workouts have already led us to a successful season.” Horn strongly believes that he owes all of his personal success on the court to

Nintendo game improves gameplay, music

graphic by Marissa Arnold When Smash Bros. for the Wii U and 3DS was released, Smash Bros. Ultimate was put into development instantly. Creator Masahiro Sakurai wanted the game to live up to its title and be the Smash Bros. game that every fan could enjoy. Ultimate does just this. All fighters and music from previous games return, with more than 100 stages are in the game. New fighters have shown to be fan-favorites, with no boundaries on who could be included. The reveal of Joker from Persona as the first DLC character demonstrates this. The game had a development period twice the length of the previous Smash game, and Ultimate oozes with evidence of this. Characters traditionally seen as c

Volunteers help kids at Hershey Med. Center

photo provided by Lisa Wawrziniak Mobility is often taken for granted, but for those with disabilities, it can seem like a distant dream. However, for two disabled young children, several students in the gifted program are making that dream a reality by participating in the Go Baby Go project. Freshman Joe Cerminara, sophomores Thomas Curtin and Timothy Sheffield and juniors Patrick Hansell and Jonas Funk modified two toy cars at Penn State Hershey Medical Center Dec. 17. These cars were given to children with disabilities to allow them to move independently and explore their environment. “I think it’s important because kids like that don’t normally have toys that are well-suited for their n

Swimmer commits to D1 school

For some athletes, taking the steps to compete in a sport in college can be nerve-racking. Senior swimmer Gabe Deiderick is completely ready to begin his swimming career at the college level. “I am really excited to take on the challenge of swimming in college,” said Deidrick. “I think it will help me become a better swimmer.” Deiderick has committed to swim Division 1 at the LaSalle University in Philadelphia, PA. “Swimming Division 1 means we will be pushing our bodies to the max, practicing sometimes 15 times a week,” said Deiderick. As if swimming at a Division 1 level was not enough, Deiderick will also be majoring in political science. “A big part of my routine will consist of balancin

Cheer advances to states

When it comes to athletics, all teams want to win and advance as far as possible in their season. The cheerleading team has achieved this goal and is advancing to the state competition Jan. 11-12. “The team is really excited to have qualified for states and to show all the skills we have been practicing,” said senior Myah Chapman. The team is led by seniors Morgan Menser, Chapman and Mackenzy Thomas. The team is coached by Holly Boger. “It means everything to us to make it to states,” said Thomas. “This competition is a big deal and we are putting all of our time and effort into it.” The team has been practicing a lot for this competition. Their practices are after school but occasionally oc

Basketball defeats rivals, continues streak

Every teams wants to beat their rival in their own gym. Boys’ basketball did just this, intensifying rivalry with Lebanon rivalry. Boys’ basketball faced the Cedars and came out on top 56-46 after a hard game Monday, Dec. 17. This helped the team continue their winning streak. “I think the teamwork we had and togetherness helped us win because when things weren’t going our way we stuck together and played our style of basketball,” said senior Logan Horn who dropped 11 points Monday night. The team says this win motivates them to keep pushing as they know they are now a team to beat. “We know that we have a target on our back now, but were playing confident and we expect to compete for titles

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