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Powder Puff delayed until spring

Every year in fall the roles of the boys and girls are reversed for one night when the Powder Puff football game is played. This year, even the season is reversed, as it has been postponed to spring. Student council has chosen a date in spring for many reasons, one being limited dates available in the stadium. Another key reason was the cold weather approaching and the frequent snow and rain. “We are hoping for a good turnout, especially with the warmer weather,” said senior Ryan Bonin, student council president. Attendance to the game has lowered the last two years. Student council hopes this statistic will change if the game takes place during a nicer season. “I think the community will co

Album falls flat with sci-fi sound

In ‘theory,’ Muse’s latest album builds on their existing style, but in reality it falls flat. Muse released its eighth studio album, “Simulation Theory,” Nov. 9. Extending the band’s existing sound, its eerie songs attempt both old and new techniques. The album opens with “Algorithm,” easily the worst song in the album. It focuses heavily on serving as an intro, but repetitive instrumentals and dull vocals set the bar low for remaining songs. The bar is quickly raised with “The Dark Side,” which opens with catchy techno instrumentals. Matt Bellamy’s trademark falsettos aid the dramatic build of the song and cement the somewhat spooky tone. While many albums can fall into repetitiveness, “Si

Students complete job shadows at potential careers

As January approaches, many students are putting their finishing touches on their senior projects. A requirement for the senior projects is spending the day shadowing someone in a student’s career interest. Seniors Rory Zimmel and Peyton Kolovani recently performed job shadows that were based on their future intentions. Zimmel is looking into becoming a sports manager. “It was really exciting seeing the fast-pace aspects to a career in sports,” said Zimmel. For her job shadow she traveled to Lancaster to spend the day with a sports manager (Mike Reynolds) with the Lancaster Barnstormers, an independent professional baseball team. "My favorite part was sitting in on the meetings and seeing ho

Library adapts with technology

photo by Emily Bixler As technology continues to change and grow, many institutions are changing with them. Where libraries were once just a place to take out books, they are now gaining new functionality. Over the summer, the library underwent a variety of changes, including new furniture, whiteboard tables, and large TVs. This is on the heels of other changes to the library in the last few years, like the removal of library computers and the addition of the career center. “It’s more of a location that students can go down and have those opportunities to work together and to work on different subjects and projects,” said Assistant Principal John Shaffer, who oversaw most of the project. “Th

'Young' runner places sixth at states

photo from Yearbook archives Most sophomore athletes would not even dream of placing competitively at a state level. One runner did just this, sprinting toward a sixth place finish. Sophomore Gwyneth Young competed in the girls’ section of the cross country states competition in Hershey Nov. 3. Her time was 19:20, whereas the first place runner’s time was 18:42. “It felt fun and awesome,” said Young. “I had a lot of fun racing against my competitors and friends, and just having fun while doing so.” Young trained intensively throughout the fall season and prepared for the race by knowing the course and how she could best succeed running it. “I trained like I was top ten in the state,” said Yo

Class rings unnecessary expense

graphic by Marissa Arnold Many people want ways to remember their high school years, and their various accomplishments and clubs. One way students do this is through purchasing a class ring. However, class rings are far from perfect, and they should not be viewed as essential to a high school student’s experience. A large number of the students who purchase class rings are seniors, many of whom are going to begin the expensive journey that is college next year. The hundreds of dollars that class rings are priced at can draw away from more important costs, such as textbooks, and give students a larger financial burden. According to Jostens, their class rings range anywhere from 200 to 500 dol

SEE club helps environment with recycling initiative

photo by Alivia Serenita True to its name, Sky Earth and Environment club, or SEE club, is helping improve the environment by starting a classroom recycling initiative. The initiative involves putting recycling bins for bottles and cans in classrooms throughout the school to help reduce the amount of students’ waste that ends up in landfills. “We use a lot of bottles and if they all end up in the trash; that is just a lot of waste we are producing,” said senior Amanda Laucks, SEE club president. “Especially in recent years, our environment just keeps getting worse and worse and there are places where there is trash everywhere. “Anything that we can do to make it a little bit better I think i

Game improves graphics, immerses players

When a titan of the video game industry such as Rockstar releases a new AAA title, people flock from all over to get their hands on their newest masterpiece. Red Dead Redemption 2 was extremely hyped from the start, and delivers in all aspects, outdoing the first title’s sales in less than two weeks. The game follows a band of outlaws running from the progressing times, as the age of the Wild West is coming to a close. The player’s character is Arthur Morgan, the right-hand man of infamous outlaw Dutch Van Der Linde and his posse. The game looks absolutely stunning on all platforms, but is even better on the Xbox One X and PS4 Pro. Rockstar takes a more realistic approach to the game’s mecha

Ice hockey prepares for season

photo from Yearbook archives Every team looks for success and wants to keep that streak going. Coached by Kerry Hartman and Mose Kiscadden, the ice hockey team hopes to continue last season’s success this season. After winning the CPIHL Rothrock Cup last year, the team is hungry for success. They are looking to have a good season by working harder at practice and school. “We are all working both on and off the ice to be the best players that we can be,” said senior captain Christian Hibshman. Hibshman is captain along with assistant captain seniors Gavin Fidler and Todd Griffiths. There are several returning players that the team hopes will benefit them, but there are also many new, younger

Cross country succeeds at districts

Though it was far from perfect running weather during the district tournament this past October, the boys’ cross-country team battled hard to take home a first place win. The boys competed at Big Springs High School, earning 145 points beating their rivals Warwick. “Every single runner contributed to this exciting District Championship,” said Coach Brandon Risser. Freshman Tommy Bildheiser and freshman Luke Hinegardner led the team placing 9th and 10th, while William Sheffield (27th), Ben McElroy (46th), DJ Laliberte (56th) and Ryan Schicchitano (59th) each helped to seal the deal for the team. “It was a great feeling, it felt awesome winning together as a team,” said Tommy Bildhesier. Compe

Junior acts as stage manager

photo by Madeline Gingrich Being a stage manager is one of the most important roles in play productions, and one student will be taking on this challenge for the second time this fall. Junior Abbie Greenawalt will be the stage manager for this year’s fall play, “The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940.” As stage manager Greenawalt is in charge of props being where they need to be and making sure people are doing their job. She sees everything that occurs to make the show happen. “There’s a lot of things about being a stage manager, about being behind the scenes,” said Greenawalt, “like the people that are involved in the musicals and plays. I like seeing everything come together because it’s real

Juniors, seniors prepare for prom

With the first marking period over and the dates on the calendar flying by, many students are already looking forward to the upcoming events in spring, especially prom. The seniors have recently chosen a theme for their prom while the juniors have determined their venue. The prom committee selected “A Night to Remember” as its theme. The prom will be held May 3 at the same site it has been held for the past two years - the Country Barn in Lancaster. The junior class will not make it four years in a row at the Country Barn. The class has chosen Spooky Nook Sports Complex in Manheim for its venue. “We were mainly looking for a change and we knew that space was going to be a big factor based on

Tribute to Queen royally succeeds

graphic by Grace Redclift Incredible performances and detailed reproductions tribute Queen in “Bohemian Rhapsody.” While the band is renowned around the world, their exceptional story is widely unknown. The film follows the band’s story through the eyes of lead singer Freddie Mercury, played by Rami Malek (“Mr. Robot” 2015-present, “Night at the Museum” 2006). It depicts the band’s humble beginnings as a pub band and the hardships they faced along their journey to fame. The cast, who looks almost identical to the members they play, immerse viewers in the story through well-researched acting. The story of Queen is especially brought to life by the passionate acting of Malek, who plays the fab

Teacher hopes to inspire with whiteboard quotes and riddles

From the murals to the signs on the walls (thanks Class of 2016), there are many things that catch students’ eyes as they walk through the halls. One teacher in particular has placed something outside her room to inspire thought for students. Every week Lisa Bielecki writes something on a small whiteboard outside her room. Some weeks there will be something inspirational and other weeks there will be a riddle. “[I put down] whatever pops into my head or whatever somebody suggests,” said Bielecki. “I might find something on a Facebook page. “I have a friend that is very positive and very upbeat and she comes up with sayings all the time, I might see it and use that.” She calls her riddles “cu

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