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Seniors create new book club

photo by Sully Minnick Taking the initiative to start an entirely new club from scratch seems like a daunting task. However, this did not deter the founding members of the school’s first ever book club. Seniors Elizabeth Knapp and Hajra Sohail were among the founders of the new book club, which held its first meeting Oct. 22. They, along with some of their peers formed the idea from a conversation in their Latin class. “We were thinking it’d be such a great idea to form a book club because we’re all avid readers and we love to read,” said Knapp. “We thought, why not form a book club? “There’s never been one at Cedar Crest before, so we thought it would be a fun experience.” The process for t

Lowering meat intake decreases global hunger

It is no secret that people all over the world love meat. In the US especially, meat is often eaten in excess. As much as individuals and society itself enjoy beef, pork, chicken and other meats, that does not change the fact that people could do with less of it. Meat, as it turns out, is not efficient as an energy source, as animals have their own body processes to run, meaning not all their food becomes edible meat. Most animals turn at the most seven to eight percent of fodder crop (crops used to feed animals used for meat) calories into meat, according to the Institute of Physics. Beef falls far below that with only three percent. If less meat was eaten, this crop could be used to feed m

College anxieties provide growth

graphic by Marissa Arnold Applying to college is one of the most daunting tasks facing high school students and perhaps one of the most stressful, but it does not need to be. I have already had experience with the college application process, as I applied to colleges through a scholarship organization called Questbridge this September. Questbridge gives full scholarships to high-achieving students from low-income backgrounds to any of their 40 partner schools. With an intensive application requiring multiple essays and short answers, it was extremely stressful. However, a chance at a full ride to one of my dream schools was not something that I was going to pass up, so I had to try. I spent

Perch expands to library

Further integrating one of the school’s highlights and favored features, the library has integrated the Perch into its setup. This year the Perch began selling drinks at its own stand in the library. Previously placed in the front lounge area, the large cart has gotten much more attention at its new location. “In my opinion, I think having [The Perch] here, opposed to in the front lobby, just generates a lot more interest for the students and for the workers,” said librarian Katy Gerhart. “I think it’s just overall more beneficial to be here. “The kids who are here love to have the option of drinking a hot chocolate or whatever with their work and in their classes.” Any person in the library

Senior steps into comedic role

photo by Sully Minnick The role of a comedian is something easy to slip into for another comedian, even if the character is not actually funny. In the fall play “The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940” senior Luke Joynt plays Eddie McCuen, a comedian characterized by being largely unfunny, despite his attempts at comedy. Joynt’s own personal interest in comedy makes this role one that feels natural for him to assume. “I identify with him extremely because I too make a lot of really, really unfunny jokes and puns,” said Joynt. “So it’s almost natural for me to get into character.” Off stage, jokes and bonding time with the cast have left a very positive impression on Joynt for his first play perf

Senior leads volleyball team to districts

Some players become burnt out from playing a sport for a long time. However, this is not the case for senior Brooklyn Varner, as she cannot get enough of playing volleyball. Varner has played volleyball competitively for six years and is the current co-captain of the girls’ volleyball team, along with senior Hannah Woelfling. “As captain, I am able to be a leader by giving feedback to the other players and coaches,” said Varner. With new coaches and a few new player additions, the team has needed to adjust to the changes. “We have not been as good as we could have been this season,” said Varner. “There were a lot of games we weren’t able to pull out with wins.” Varner gives credit for her su

Student section leader fosters school spirit

Every year, a senior gets to organize and lead all the students in our school in school spirit. Senior Jacob Weaver, was chosen as student section leader for the student fans at this year’s sporting events. “I like leading the student section because it’s fun getting to be creative, starting the chants and organizing most things for the kids at school,” said Weaver. One of the main things Weaver is in charge of is communicating to students through social media. He has to come up with a theme for each game and is in charge of keeping the Falcon Nation twitter account active. “I would say the hardest thing about being the leader is just choosing a theme,” said Weaver. “I think everyone has a

Sophomore runner places second at leagues

This cross country season one runner stands out from the crowd. Sophomore Gwyneth Young continues to succeed as she continues into the post season. Young has been running since her freshman year and continues to break down the walls in front of her. While this season is not over yet, the cross country team has been competing well. “I have had an incredible experience so far this season,” said Young. “I’ve raced people I dreamed of racing with last year and felt a confidence bloom in me.” Tuesday, Oct. 15 the cross country team took runners to the league meet. Young finished the meet with a second place finish with a time of 18:45. “It makes me excited because I’m only a sophomore and I’m her

KEY Club cleans courtyard

Photo by Emily Bixler What is the ‘key’ to motivation? For students in KEY Club working to improve the courtyard, it is the drive to help within the community. Members of KEY Club have met after school on a volunteer basis to clean up the courtyard the last two Mondays. While there, they pull weeds, trim shrubbery and otherwise beautify the area however they can. “We’re just trying to make the area look nicer,” said junior Jose Diaz, a member of KEY Club who has volunteered both days so far. “It’s a lot of work, but it’s definitely going to be worth it in the end.” KEY Club is a community service group dedicated to helping both inside and outside of the school. While members are required to

Marvel impresses fans with complex plot

For viewers with enough time to delve into its background, Marvel’s latest release ‘dares’ to engross. Season three of Netflix Original Daredevil was released Oct. 19. It follows Matthew Murdock, played by Charlie Cox (“Stardust,” 2007, “The Theory of Everything,” 2014), as he fights crime through his alter ego Daredevil. His long-time nemesis Wilson Fisk, played by Vincent D’Onofrio (“Men in Black,” 1997, “Jurassic World,” 2015), returns with veiled plots. The season is largely defined by a return to its origins, with Murdock shedding his superhero gear for a black suit and mask. In some ways, the plot also comes full circle, effectively pulling together characters and events from previous

FBLA hosts lifesaving drive

Saving a life is something that most people think they will never accomplish, but some students will have the opportunity to do so without even leaving the school. Students can take advantage of this opportunity by donating blood in FBLA’s annual fall blood drive Nov. 16 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Students can sign up to donate blood either in room 809 or with an FBLA officer through Oct. 31. There will also be a representative from the Central Penn Blood Bank in the cafeteria during lunch periods Nov. 1. “It’s nice that in this kind of setting, you have young people donating that wouldn’t normally get to do it otherwise,” said FBLA vice president Kimberly Speece. “I think it is just importan

Holiday inspires makeup artist

Photo by Sully Minnick Left: Spider-Man eye mask, Alexis Steele Right: Realistic skull, Sara Varela Art is expressed in many forms, and one of the most culturally prevalent is makeup. Senior Lulu Jimenez uses makeup to bring her imagination to life during the Halloween season. Jimenez goes all out for Halloween, creating her own costumes and looks that are scarily realistic. For last year’s Falcoween, she created a possessed child look that turned heads. “As soon as I walked in the school, everyone was like ‘oh my god, what is that’, and they were so scared and stuff,” said Jimenez. “Especially when I was walking down the halls, everyone moved aside, because I’d be coming like, all scary and

Young, boys' team finish 2nd at Leagues

The weather might have turned cooler this week, but the cross country teams heated up at the Lancaster-Lebanon League championship Tuesday at Ephrata. Sophomore Gwyneth Young finished second in the girls’ race with a time of 18:45.8, while the boys’ team came in second for the third year in a row. After finishing in 10th place last year, Young finished four seconds behind this year’s winner. “I never thought I’d be here, because in middle school I was never really good,” said Young. “I just didn’t care, but then [Coach Brandon] Risser made me realize that this is what I want to do, and that this is fun, so I want to keep working towards it and hopefully beat the school record by senior year.

Juniors place second at leagues

Representing their team in leagues is what many athletes hope to do by the end of their season. Juniors Claire Andrews and Olivia Hitz represent the girls’ tennis teams in leagues this October. “It feels pretty great because it was a fun experience to go with our whole team and it was fun to have team bonding and playing with our team,” said Hitz. Both varsity players placed second in flight two doubles. Andrews placed second in flight 3 singles and Hitz placed second in flight 4 singles. “My match wasn’t stressful at all because I fought hard and even though I lost by a lot I ended up having fun,” said Hitz. The girls’ tennis team has had a successful season with a record of 6-5. “My first

ID policy promotes accountability

Graphic by Marissa Arnold Of the many changes implemented this year, the newest one to land is the addition of student IDs. Both students and staff will be required to wear them, with the accompanying lanyards or clips. The IDs were introduced was for the purposes of school safety and security. With everyone in the school having an ID, it makes who belongs on the premises more clear. IDs visible on a student will make keeping track of them easier for teachers. Staff will no longer need to ask a student their name in the event of a discipline problem. With students better accounted for, both staff and students can go about their days with more oversight. Further helping everyone with accounta

Alternative band samples new sound

Not straying far from their original sound, Twenty One Pilots keep a grunge theme with soft tones throughout their new album “Trench.” Songs such as “Nino and the Niners” and “Neon Gravestones” are slower and have more of a grunge-rock sound. “Jumpsuits” also fits into the band’s original rock style and even featured some raw screaming that they have used from time to time. Other songs have much more upbeat vibes and techno atmosphere that make them enjoyable to listen to. “Chlorine” and “Morph” mix techno elements with soft spoken vocals to create a soothing listening experience. “The Hype” follows a similar pattern but also incorporates a ukulele instrumental that creates an upbeat atmosph

Student council to host state conference

Decorations on every wall, a banquet and dance, and hosting students from all across the state. These things may sound difficult to plan for, but the Student Council is taking on the challenge. The Student Council will be hosting the Student Council State Conference Nov. 8-10, which will have around 1,100 attendees. Jan. 2017, they placed their bid at a Student Council board meeting and were chosen over other schools that had placed bids. They partially attribute being chosen to Falcon Spirit. “I think that, you know, everyone can say it’s a special community surrounding their school, but I really do think that Falcon Nation is real,” said senior Cyja Hepler, president of the conference. Stu

Artists leave their mark

Photo by Sara Varela Many students dream of leaving a mark on their high school. Seniors Jae Getz and Taylor Gunnells are accomplishing this dream by painting a mural in the main office. Painting a mural is very detailed and requires a lot of thought and perspective. I did three sketches (sophomore year) and a year later they asked Jae Getz and I to do one. I really love doing them because it’s a lot different than what others get to do (in school),” said Gunnells. The mural is located in the main office behind the front desk. “It is two banners with circular badges on each banner and inside each badge there will be extracurricular and sports icons that represent them with a falcon in the mi

Golfer reaches regionals

Photo by Sully Minnick When most people think of golf they think of country clubs and Tiger Woods. What they do not realize is the time and effort that is put in to compete at a higher level. For the first time in 13 years the golf team is sending a player to regionals. Junior Nolan Hoover is the first golfer to play at this tournament since Brad Wolfson in 2005. “I never thought I would be able to get this far going into this golf season,” said Hoover. Hoover has made districts the past two years but has never reached the regional level. This will be his first time at this competition. “I got this far by hard work and dedication,” said Hoover. “Also with the support of my family and friend

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