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Homecoming Questionnaire

Addison Atkins, Homecoming Queen Who is your date to homecoming and why? Nathaniel Lum because we have been dating for almost a year now, and he stands out above all the rest of the crowd What are your plans after high school? Attend a four year college for something medical or biology, at this point I don’t have much of a plan What is your dream profession, and why? A position in the medical field so I can help others What qualities, talents, or strengths do you bring to the court? I love meeting and talking to people, I am empathetic, driven, positive, and hardworking Who is your role model? I don’t know have a serious role model, but I look up to anyone over 5’3” Throughout your high scho

Window decals improve look, provide safety

Windows are often the first impression visitors see before they enter a building, so making school windows representative of what lies within can foster school spirit. In the case of the new window coverings added recently, it also protects students. This year, window coverings are being added to most large windows in the school, including the library, the main entrance, auditorium doors, Main Gym(A) doors, the café windows, and the main office. These coverings have designs, which are only visible from the outside and champion Falcon Pride. “It’s continuing to brand our school, and showcasing who we are as Falcons,” said Assistant Principal John Shaeffer, who was largely responsible for the

Action film fails to impress viewers

Not everything is as it seems as mommy-vloggers become mistresses and murderers in “A Simple Favor.” Mommy vlogger, Stephanie Ward, played by Anna Kendrick (“Twilight” 2008, “Pitch Perfect” 2012), befriends workaholic Emily Nelson, played by Blake Lively (“The Age of Adaline” 2015, “The Shallows” 2016) in a desperate attempt to connect to the other moms at her son’s school. As the two grow close, Stephanie realizes that Emily’s fiery personality that makes her a bad mother also makes her a great friend. Suddenly, Emily disappears without a trace after asking Stephanie to pick up her son. Her disappearance instantly becomes shrouded in lies and mystery as Stephanie realizes she knew nothing a

Football player wins game as substitute QB

Most athletes are willing to do whatever it takes to see their team be successful, but not many are able to step into an unfamiliar position, dominate, and win. As the usual starting QB, Logan Horn, was out with a sprained ankle, the team was looking for someone to fill those shoes and senior Brody Dunlop stepped up to lead the team to a 35-21 win against McCaskey Friday, September 14. “I was nervous [filling in] but it was pretty fun just a little different and not what I’m used to,” said Dunlop. Dunlop, who typically plays strong safety, stepped out of his comfort zone to help the team when they were down with the help of junior RB Tyler Cruz. Dunlop ended the game with a total of 165 yard

Division One commit returns to school soccer

For many seniors, their last year of high school is a year for planning and preparing for college or post-secondary plans, but senior soccer player Sam Gerhart has a head start on her future. Gerhart plans to play soccer at Division One High Point University in North Carolina and major in electric production of media. She will be graduating early and leaving to start workouts and classes this January. “I think graduating early would be a huge benefit for me because it will give me a chance to get a head start on school and my major,” said Gerhart. “I’ll be more prepared for the fall season because I’ll be used to the amount of school work I’ll have.” Although she will have to leave her frien

Seniors commit to Division One field hockey

For most students, balancing school work is hard enough, let alone playing a Division One sport as well. Seniors Hanna Lewis and Emma Holzman plan to take on the challenge after both committing to play college field hockey at the Division One level. “When my schedule is tight, I have great time management and I know for sure that I cannot procrastinate on school,” said Holzman. Both athletes have chosen schools that will accommodate to their needs for the next four years. Holzman will attend LaSalle University, while Lewis will attend Lafayette College. “LaSalle is the perfect school for me,” said Holzman. “I love the city atmosphere, and Philadelphia is such a great area.” Holzman’s major w

Falcon Fair allows for fundraising

With the year just beginning, and summer coming to a close, students look forward to the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and fundraise for their favorite clubs through Falcon Fair. Unfortunately, students will have to wait an extra week to experience the fair, which was originally scheduled for Friday, but has been moved back to Friday, Sept. 21 because of the inclement weather. The fair will host 27 clubs. Its large size is partially due to the growth in participation from new and established clubs. “Clubs that haven’t been represented other years have decided to join in, which is great,” said student council president Ryan Bonin. “We have 27 clubs this year that are going to be represent

Horror movie fails to create fear

“The Nun” gives viewers a great visual experience, however, it lacked any depth in its horror plot. The film is set 20 years prior to “The Conjuring”. It takes place in old 50’s Romania where the Romanian Abbey is located. To villagers nearby, this is a cursed place despite containing holy occupants. When one of the nuns from the Abbey’s cloister kills herself, the Vatican sends the miracle investigator, Father Burke, played by Demián Bichir (“The Hateful Eight” 2015, “A Better Life” 2011) and Sister Irene, played by Taissa Farmiga (“The Final Girls” 2015, “Anna” 2013) who haven’t taken their vows, to inspect the death and see if the grounds are still holy. When they get there, they meet a F

Girls' volleyball team welcomes new coach

Last season was a very important season for girls’ volleyball, as after almost 10 years, the team reached its goal of competing in playoffs. Their record last season was 12-4. “It’s intimidating and encouraging to see what (former coach) Chad (Nolen) has been able to do to grow this program and hopefully I can continue on and keep a winning record,” said new coach Emily Olson. Olson has much experience playing volleyball, including playing in college at Lancaster Bible College. “It’s exciting to be able to use the college volleyball experience I have to better them and have a great season this year,” said Olson. This year’s team is much different, having lost to graduation key players: Grace

Talon focuses on online presence

Paper media continues to fade into the cultural backdrop, and the internet is increasingly how people communicate and live their lives. As such, the Talon has ramped up its activity in the digital world. In an effort to reach out to students, especially in an increasingly social media oriented world, the Talon staff is utilizing the Talon Twitter far more. “Our goal is to totally model a professional newspaper,” said Talon adviser John Gates. “And the way professional newspapers are going right now is a far heavier online presence.” Being online isn’t the only thing that the Talon has in store to draw in students. The staff also intends to utilize the Twitter polling system far more than the

Iconic artist blends genres

Staying relevant through time is something many artists struggle with. The solution to relevance for Paul Simon, half of the iconic duo Simon and Garfunkel, is trueness to the classics while adding new elements. For an album containing variety without straying from classic sounds, look no further than Simon’s “In the Blue Light,” released Sept. 7. “One Man’s Ceiling is Another Man’s Floor” opens the album, showcasing both jazz and blues in an excellent preview of what is to come. It effectively brings together a variety of sounds not typically combined. Other songs add more variety. “Can’t Run But” uses violin and piccolo, along with a full instrumental section, to create a lively and stacca

Former Beatle produces 80s-inspired new album

At the age of 76, Paul McCartney, former lead singer of the Beatles, has released his 18th studio album, “Egypt Station,” which draws on ’80s rock and blends together old-school and modern sounds. “Who Cares” is a prime example of this, as it features electric guitar instrumentals and catchy choruses that work together to create a fun, slightly rebellious vibe. “Come On To Me” has an edgier sound and features a variety of instrumentals, most notably electric guitar, keyboard and trumpet, which make it an exciting song to listen to and one of the best songs on the album. Although there are certain sounds shared by many songs on the album, there are some songs with vastly different sounds that

Senior Quotes

In 25 words or less, come up with a senior quote you would like in the yearbook. It must be school-appropriate. It is due Tuesday, Sept. 11. Please bring a paper with your quote to the auditorium when your picture is taken for your ID.

Senior Photos Last Chance

When? September 11th 8 a.m. - 1 p.m. Where? High School Office What do I wear? Girls, wear a nice shirt. Guys, wear a collared shirt and a tie. (A tie will be provided if you don't have one) It will be taken the same day as your Senior ID.

Fall sports previews

Golf Head Coach: Rick Dissinger Record: 6-36 Key Players Lost: None Key Returners: seniors Enzo Emerich, juniors Nolan Hoover, Noah Iceman, Emma Dissinger, Amani Jones, Kerrigan Klopp, sophomore Brock Smith Key Newcomers: junior Drew Reinhart “They’re are multiple players that I think have the potential to make states this year, we all have worked really hard this summer preseason,” said junior Nolan Hoover. “Some of the most enjoyable times are with my teammates on the golf course, seeing each other success makes it all worth it,” said junior Emma Dissinger. Football Head Coach: Rob Wildasin Record: 8-3 Key Players Lost: Tanner Miller (LB), Zak Kinard (LB), Cole Laney (WR), Kendell Shand (C

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