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Bird droppings: new teachers

Photo by Sara Varela Joe Eggert Subject: Computer Science College: Lehigh College and Drexel University Favorite musical artist: Radiohead High School: Cedar Crest Aaron Espenshade Subject: World Cultures College: Millersville University Strange talent: Character impressions (i.e. Scooby Doo) High School: Cedar Crest Drew Gates Subject: Geometry and Algebra II College: Elizabethtown College Hobbies: Golf and fantasy football High School: Lebanon Catholic Stephanie Leonardo Subject: Algebra I and Geometry College: Gettysburg College Favorite music: Disney music High School: Choate Rosemary Hall Jack Wouri Subject: English College: Penn State University Hobbies:

Hall pass policy beneficial to all

Graphic by Marissa Arnold Student held hall passes are now a thing of the past. The system to leave classes has now been totally overhauled, and is going to affect everyone involved, from students to teachers. The changes consist of students not carrying their own personal hall passes, but instead will receive passes from teachers. These passes will be given back to the teacher upon return, and also paired with sign-out sheets. One might see this having little effect on the system of leaving classrooms, and indeed, the cafeteria, library, and a handful of classrooms already use sign-out sheets. As students no longer will use their own passes, they now also will always have the possibility of

Students volunteer over summer break

Photo by Madeline Gingrich Lounging by the pool, sleeping in until noon, sunsets at the beach: these are all things associated with summer. One thing that is not usually associated with summer is volunteering. Over the summer, seniors Serena Cheng, Hallie Koslowski, junior Audra Pundt and sophomore Kobain Dundore volunteered at several events helping the community. These students contributed to activities benefitting locals in Lebanon and surrounding areas. During the third week of August, Living Waters Church hosts a mission’s week to benefit the children in the community. They offer kids camps throughout the week and a movie night, all run by volunteers. “Volunteering is something everyone

Language classes travel to Europe

Europe is a common dream location for people of any age, and many high school students have never even left the country. However, 14 language students went to Europe on a group trip over summer break. Students in Spanish, German, Latin, and French classes all traveled together, leaving June 27 and returning July 10. They were accompanied by 21 students from 2 other schools in the US. “If was fun because we got to make some new friends and learn about other schools in America,” said senior Latin student Grace McDaid. Along with other adult supervisors, Wendy Marini and Kitty Zackey, the German and Latin teachers, went with the students. In addition, they had tour guides for each individual lo

School takes new PRIDE approach

Many changes are facing the school this year but the new Falcon PRIDE system stands to affect all students and staff. PRIDE stands for personal responsibility, respect, integrity, dedication, and excellence and is a way to bring students together while teaching them life values. The administration believes the values taught through PRIDE will help prepare students for future careers and life outside of high school. “I think [PRIDE] will definitely improve the climate of our school,” principal Nicole Malinoski said, “When you go for a job they are going to say, ‘What makes you stand out from other candidates?’ and students will be able to remember what they learned through PRIDE.” One of

Football team wins seventh straight Cedar Bowl

Photo by Kyle Nazarchuk The football team defeated the Lebanon Cedars, Friday, Aug. 24, at the 47th annual Cedar Bowl. This victory was the seventh consecutive win for the Falcons over the Cedars. Although this 42-19 win was a big success, the team says they are just getting started toward a hopefully successful season. They feel that they are now confident going into the season with this win under their belt. “I think the Cedar Bowl will boost our confidence as a team and get us started on our goal to make playoffs and win a game,” said senior QB Logan Horn. “It’s step one of that process.” The game typically has very high attendance from both Cedar Crest and Lebanon fans as they are tow

Freshmen participate in orientation

Photo by Sara Varela Anxious and excited students roam the hallways of Cedar Crest High School ready for freshman year. Freshman Camp takes place every year a week before back to school night. Freshman Camp helps students feel more at ease when coming to school on the first day back. This extra day prepares them and they get the opportunity to explore their new environment and classrooms for the next 4 years. Even though freshman camp gave students an extra day to learn how to get around many still were anxious. “No matter how many times you go over it, you are still going to be nervous and get lost your first day,“ said freshman Paige Smock. Unlike other years the class of 2022 will not hav

Dystopian film ensnares audiences

Graphic by Marissa Arnold From start to finish, “The Darkest Minds” knows how to push all the audience’s buttons. Viewers are swept up in the emotions of the characters, from joy to anxiety. All children in the United States develop a mysterious disease, and the 10% that survive develop extraordinary psychic powers. The protagonist is Ruby Daly, played by Amandla Stenberg (“The Hunger Games,” 2012, “Everything, Everything,” 2017) a survivor who now seeks freedom. After escaping her camp and the Children’s League, another group seeking survivors, she meets Liam, played by Harris Dickinson (“Beach Rats,” 2017, “Postcards from London,” 2017). Together, Ruby, Liam, and Liam’s friends search for

Uplifting album livens listeners

While many albums can be difficult to listen to, listeners can “know” right away that Jason Mraz’s latest album is an easy, fun listening experience. “Know.” opens with “Let’s See What The Night Can Do,” which opens with Mraz’s traditional guitar instrumental and soft vocal. As it progresses, however, an entire orchestra and backup vocals are introduced, seeming to surround the listener. This is a theme throughout the album, with songs like “Better With You” beginning with simple guitar then expanding into larger instrumental sections. This creates a strong, complete feel present throughout the album. While many albums can get repetitive, some songs break the mold and add new elements. “Migh

New sound not so 'sweet'

Graphic by Marissa Arnold Although she is known for her soaring, soulful vocals, Ariana Grande moves away from this vocal style in her new album “Sweetener.” She replaces her typical vocal style with breathy and somewhat clipped vocals, which can be found throughout the album, most notably in the songs “The Light is Coming (feat. Nicki Minaj)” and “Sweetener.” “The Light is Coming (feat. Nicki Minaj)” is the song that best represents Grande’s new style, as it features rap and fast-paced vocals, repetitive lyrics, and distorted voices in the background. However, these traits make the song extremely annoying to listen to. “Sweetener” mixes breathy, drawn out vocals and quick, clipped choruses,

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