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Two Teachers Fly out of School

Charles Robbins l Sports Editor

The second semester of this year will look different for some students with English teacher Kim Keddie and physical education teacher Erich Carroll leaving for new jobs.

Today is Keddie’s final day of teaching.

Keddie was in her 10th year and had no anticipations of leaving, before a great and different opportunity popped up. She will now be working as an executive director for a non-profit organization that helps veterans.

“The opportunity came to me; I wasn’t looking for a position,” said Keddie. “If you had asked me at the beginning of the year if I was leaving teaching, I would’ve said definitely not.”

Prior to teaching, Keddie spent years in the fashion industry in New York City. She also lived in Philadelphia for several years after college where she helped to open a folk-art gallery, worked with Nicole Miller, and managed one of Miller’s stores in Manayunk.

For Keddie, the new job is just another opportunity for growth.

"When someone proposed the offer to me, I guess the idea of helping people in a new and different way excited me, and also the opportunity to learn and grow because as a teacher that’s always been something that was important to me,” said Keddie.

One of the things Keddie will be doing in her new job is writing grants for veterans.

“There is so much untapped money out there for veterans because people aren’t applying for the grants,” said Keddie. “I’m actually taking courses on grant writing now, so that triggered the part of me that likes learning.”

This year, Keddie taught 11th grade honors English, 9th grade college prep English and humanities. Previously, she taught all levels of 10th grade and 9th grade general English.

“She was a caring teacher,” said senior Jacey Martel. “She always wanted what was best for her students.”

Keddie called this one of the toughest decisions of her life, mostly because of how much she loved teaching.

“The interaction with the kids,” said Keddie. “There’s nothing like making a connection with a student and seeing that student ‘get it,’ or be interested, or excited. Some of the best days are when students come back to visit me after graduating and let me know what they’re doing; nothing beats knowing that you made a difference.”

Carroll was in his fifth year teaching phys-ed at Cedar Crest before his last day on Jan. 19 to pursue his dream job in the School District of Lancaster. Here, will teach elementary phys-ed at Elizabeth R. Martin Elementary School.

“It’s a different opportunity to teach kids at the elementary level,” said Carroll. “Going into college that was my passion. I was obviously blessed to teach at Cedar Crest for five years, but the younger kids are definitely where I wanna be.”

Carroll would often take part in class and had fun bringing competition out of the students.

“Mr. Carroll was fun and would play basketball every day,” said junior McKenna Micco. “He was everything you would ask from a gym teacher.”

Carroll taught unified phys-ed, mixed PE, sports officiating and net and wall games this past semester.

“What I’m gonna miss the most is obviously the students and playing basketball against them every day,” said Carroll. “Obviously that is a joy to be able to do, and it’s just been a blast.”

Although teaching elementary schoolers is Carroll’s dream, he certainly is aware of the challenges that he will face.

“Obviously an attention span is gonna be the big thing but really just making sure that they’re active and having fun,” said Carroll.

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