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Student section essential part of student life

There is nothing more essential to a successful student life than a strong community.

While high school may seem like the world is dependent on good grades and volunteer hours, we often forget to engage with our fellow students in celebrating our school. In previous times where we have been separated, to times when we are once together all again, it is important that we remember to hold each other up in solidarity.

Falcon Nation and student section coordinators have always done a great job at bringing students together, but this year, their intentions have exceeded previous standards. Extending their school spirit and cheering tactics to include several aspects of our school’s culture, Falcon Nation’s stride for all-in school spirit brings a sense of unity that has been unmatched.

You don’t necessarily need to watch and follow football to go our school’s games—in fact, most people do not. Standing in unity with the student section means more than that; it’s about supporting our team, people who work hard to represent our school while doing something they love.

No matter where within the school community you lie, supporting your fellow classmates in the sports that they play is essential to a healthier student environment.

Just by going to a game with a few friends and fitting in with only a slight view from a middle row, the socially unified and competitive aura of being there raises the group demeanor and creates lots of pure, genuine excitement that benefits everyone.

And don’t be fooled, Falcon Nation does not just go to cheer on the football team. Senior leaders also make sure to give special recognition to our school’s band—who constantly bring us together with bombastic music—and our cheer squad, who works relentlessly perfecting routines that amaze.

While many believe that the student section is just a popularity gala, it actually serves an open atmosphere for all students, all arranged by grade. Even though seniors get to lead the section in the first few rows, underclassmen are just as valued and respected during group exclamations.

Pre-game tailgates often allow students to engage in fun activities with paint fights and cornhole pumping everyone up before the game.

Also, themes are so fun; getting to create coordinated outfits with personal and creative touches allows students to express themselves while maintaining a similar image. Plus, many themes include purchasable t-shirts that support a number of local and large-scale causes.

In times like this, the importance of unity and acceptance, especially among the students, means more than ever. Falcon Nation’s incentive to become pan-inclusive and multi-unifying continues to build a strong and supportive community of engaged students.

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