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Student Council's first state conference of the year

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

Delaney Smith l Feature Editor

Members of Cedar Crest’s Student Council will be traveling to a state conference in Boyertown Area from November 3 to the 5. The theme for this year’s conference is Mastering the Art of Leadership.

This conference was held at Cedar Crest about three years ago. Council members are eager to interact with students from other schools and share ideas with them in hopes of improving the falcon nation.

Council members have the option of picking five workshops to participate in while at the conference that will help them develop their leadership skills. Some of the top picks from this long list are Food for Thought, Stirring up Solutions, and Mixing Bowl of Diversity.

“My favorite thing is probably doing workshops with a bunch of different people and learning how they run things at their schools,” said junior Annie Forry. “Then, we get to bring those ideas back here.”

Learning how other schools handle problems or what ideas they found to be successful, is a great way to reflect on what we could be doing to improve as a school.

“I am very excited for the state conference because I have never been to one before,” said senior Elsa Thomas. “I am excited to get to be with other councils and share ideas.”

In addition to learning new ways to improve the school, the council will also use this as an opportunity to connect with each other and build better relationships.

“I am looking forward to the student council conference to have an amazing experience with my peers,” said sophomore Logan Balmer. “I think that the conference will improve not only the council’s leadership, but their bond and ability to work together.”

The main purpose of the state conference is for these students to learn leadership skills so they can work to grow as a whole. There will be motivational speakers, student-led workshops, and leadership activities at the conference.

“I think the conference will help grow the council because we get to grab ideas from other schools which in the end will help improve our school,” said Thomas.

Student Council Advisor Katy Gerhart is also eager to see what these students will learn at this event. She is especially excited this year because there are 20 students that have signed up to go on this trip.

“An advantage to taking so many students is that we are hosting the spring regional conference,” said Gerhart. “They will get to see how it is run, and then return with ideas for our own conference.”

Overall, this conference will be incredibly beneficial to the student council members. Growing in their leadership skills will lead to improvements in activities that all falcons know and love.

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