Sophomore builds benches as scout project

Tennis seating has expanded greatly with the addition of three new benches as well as bleachers that were added to the tennis courts in the fall for the Lancaster-Lebanon League girls’ tennis tournament.

Sophomore Benjamin Sheffield constructed these benches as part of a merited Eagle-Scout project.

“I wanted to do something that not only reached my goal of becoming an Eagle Scout, but also gave back to a community that I am a part of,” said Sheffield. “Nobody asked me to do this, but like I said, it was part of my Eagle Scout project.”

The tennis courts have been longing for seating for years, according to tennis players. With the addition of two sets of bleachers earlier this year and Sheffield’s benches, the courts have become more welcoming to spectators.

The benches are a great addition to the tennis courts,” said boys’ tennis team captain Garrett Muraika. “We never have enough seating, so they are much needed.”

Sheffield plays for the boys’ tennis team and has received much appreciation for his contributions to the court environment.

“My hope is that these benches not only add a place to sit for spectators, but also contribute to a more welcoming vibe to the tennis courts,” said Sheffield. “I do think I have made a positive impact, as long as the benches are being used and people enjoy them.”

Although Sheffield says that he does not have a true gift of woodworking, Sheffield successfully completed the benches with the help of technology education teacher Darren Grumbine. Grumbine assisted him with finding the right materials, including concrete and wood, and gave him advice on what to do, according to Sheffield.

“He got it done,” said Grumbine. “As someone who works with this kind of stuff every day in class, [working with Ben] felt pretty normal.”

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