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Seniors show leadership in field hockey

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

Charles Robbins l Sports Editor

Two years ago they had one, last year they had two, this year field hockey is sitting at two wins but they are feeling confident they are going to exceed last year’s win total. Statistically speaking, field hockey may not be the most successful team, but they may be one of the closest groups this year.

“The seniors have done a great job getting us to be more comfortable with each other this year,” said junior Reese Arnold, who plays center back.

The seniors include Paige Bucher, Ashley Lamson, Hailey Newmaster and Hannah Klinger. All of them are hoping to pass down character to the underclassmen.

“We’re hoping to pass down our sense of having fun while also knowing when it’s time to put in the hard work to the underclassmen,” said Klinger. “I think what the seniors are also trying to do is pass down the feeling of being together and as a family, and just supporting each other and lifting each other up.”

Klinger moved to the Cedar Crest School District back in eighth grade but has played field hockey her entire life. Since she is not planning to play in college, this may be her last year playing the sport.

“What I’m gonna miss most about playing in high school is how close of a team we are together and how we just connect and have chemistry on the field,” said Klinger.

Despite the similar record to last year, field hockey has clearly improved since last year. Five of there losses have been by one point, unlike last year when they were consistently getting blown out.

“I think where we just need to improve is playing up to the level our competition,” said Bucher. “We always play to the level of our competition.”

Arnold has a similar approach, but she added some new insight as well.

“We’ve improved this year because of senior leadership, but I think we have trouble playing hard for the whole game,” said Arnold. “We are having fun and I think we are going to get more wins if we keep working hard.”

The falcons are sitting at 2-8 at time of publishing. Two games happened this week after the Talon was sent to press and their next game is today at Manheim Central.

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