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Senior sets mind for SU

Brendan Sheehan l Associate Editor

Some seniors have no idea where they want to pursue college.

Having options seems to be the typical portrayal of the college process — getting accepted and rejected into different schools and ultimately deciding between two of your favorites that seems like the end of the world.

However, for rather decided seniors like me, one school seems to stand, which is why I applied early decision to Syracuse University.

Syracuse has always been on my radar in terms of searching for colleges, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it was always my top choice.

In fact, many would joke that my top choices switched by the week. I was indecisive, and honestly uneducated about what my best options were.

With an intended major in journalism and a minor in anthropology, I plan to pursue magazine writing with a focus on profiles. Such a specific path is hard to find at just any university, but Syracuse offered the best program for my interests.

I was pressured quite a bit growing up to aim high and shoot for big names—to have a diploma of a school that would resonate with people. Universities like Georgetown and the University of Chicago intrigued me for their prestigious academia, but I neglected their lack of communication programs.

When I understood the reality of selecting colleges during my junior year, I realized that journalism and communication studies were not offered everywhere I had idolized before. Slowly, a list of 15-20 universities I really liked, slimmed down to nine.

The Newman School of Communication at Syracuse University is one of the best in the nation for journalism studies. Within connections in Los Angeles, London, New York, and other global epicenters, the school focuses heavily on the importance of multimedia.

That being said, the program has very slim acceptance rate of around 12%.

After visiting a virtual information session and meeting with a family friend who happens to be an alum, I came to realize that Syracuse’s dedication to diversity, inclusion, and representation aligned perfectly with the goals set for my future.

Applying early decision typically grants a higher chance of being accepted through demonstration of commitment to the school.

Aside from the very individualized and modern curricula, Syracuse University is a large school located in upstate New York. A large, autumnal campus combines temperate summers with cold, bitter winters that perfectly satisfy my need for the warm and the cold.

While the early decision track came to me naturally, I understand that it is not for everyone. When connected to several different schools and their pros and cons, applying early action and regular decision may be the path to take.

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