Senior has concrete plans for future

Ryan Glover l Digital Editor

Many seniors work part-time jobs during high school outside of their passions. Colby Willis took his part-time job and is turning it into his career.

Willis works for Terre Hill Concrete Products, located in Lebanon, and he enjoys every part of his day.

“I love Terre Hill,” said Willis. “I like being able to go to school for three periods in the morning, and after third period I head to work. It is awesome being able to complete my senior year through co-op.”

During a normal day Willis can be anywhere from working in the steel shop, to helping load trucks out in the yard, to staying late with maintenance. In his most recent project Willis was instructed to do all his responsibilities by himself.

“From reading the blueprint to setting it up, making sure I have all the materials I will need to have it completed and poured, I have to do it all,” said Willis.

Willis chose to work here because he had already previously worked at Terre Hill during the summer. He has great memories working there with the people and his job.

“I already knew how things worked there and I knew what I was going to be doing, so I already knew what to expect at Terre Hill,” said Willis. “I always liked working at Terre Hill. I knew everyone and everyone knew me. If I ran into someone I worked with out in public, one thing they would always ask was ‘When are you coming back?’”

Willis, a senior, is one of the youngest workers at Terre Hill. Just because Willis is one of the youngest employees does not mean his job is any easier.

“And it’s tricky, if I make any kind of major mistake the project gets pushed back,” said Willis.

Most days he enjoys it more than school.

“I would choose co-op every day over school,” said Willis. “I find lots of joy in going to work over school no matter the day. I mean who wouldn’t want to leave school early and go make very good money?”

Willis is using this experience to his advantage and plans to graduate in January to continue his co-op after high school full time.

“It’s a very good job to have right out of high school,” said Willis. “It’s a good job to build skills in carpentry, welding, hand tools, and operating equipment. Although I love this job, I would really love to start my own trucking company as soon as possible.”

Even though this co-op may not be his dream job, he still enjoys it just as much. Willis is thinking about starting his own company, but with starting a new company comes many risks.

His plan is to either stay at Terre Hill where he makes $18 an hour, or he can leave Terre Hill and use all the money from his current job to start his new trucking company.

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