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Senior, freshman golfers lead team to early success

Charles Robbins l Sports Editor

It seems like every spring sports team has improved this year, but perhaps none more than the golf team. Last year, the golf team went 9-16, this year they’re already 10-2.

The team won its first match in over 20 years last week, beating the powerhouse teams of Manheim Township and Hempfield in the competition. The key to the massive improvement has been senior leadership, according to head coach Andrew Gates.

“We certainly have great senior leadership in Ben [Feeman] and Jill [Fidler] who have both made it to states,” said Gates. “And then, everybody has improved from last year, and we got a couple freshmen; Dylan Ramsey has helped us shoot lower and just have more depth than we did last year.”

Feeman and Fidler have had incredibly successful high school careers and have been able to carry the golf team to new heights. Last year, Feeman won the county tournament, came fourth in leagues, came 11th in districts and made the top 20 in states. For Fidler, she won counties for the third year in a row, she came second in leagues, second in the district, where she shot her all time low score of a 75, and she finished just outside the top 20 in states.

"They’ve had a huge impact on the golf program, especially this year they have kind of put us on the map obviously as a winning team,” said Gates. “I think they’re the first two to make it to states in 10+ years. Just tremendous, great leaders and they have really inspired others to want to be better and devote more time to golf.”

In Feeman’s case, he wants to reach the next level this year and top what he did last year.

“I just want to have more consistency, which I kind of already started with, so I’m on a good path so far,” said Feeman.

Last year, his average was an 80, this year he’s currently sitting with an average of 73, so he was not lying about his improvements he made during the offseason.

Fidler also wants to improve upon her consistency this year.

“My biggest goal for the season is to get to states again, but to finish top 10 this year,” said Fidler. “To reach that goal I just need to be more consistent in my scoring and have a better average.”

This is the last year for both Fidler and Feeman as they are both seniors. They both have things they are going to miss.

“I’m gonna miss meeting the new people and having fun at practice,” said Feeman. “I had fun going to competitions and it was always fun talking crap to people.”

For Feeman, Fidler and Coach Gates, the team goal is the same.

“We want to win a section championship and hopefully compete for a league title,” said Gates.

Feeman and Fidler shared the same goal. If they succeed, it would be the first time Cedar Crest wins a section and/or league title since 1999.

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