Senior expands portfolio for post-college goals

Anna Peelen l Entertainment Editor

While many assume that senior co-ops must take place at one’s future workplace, co-ops also allow seniors to gain experience and knowledge applicable to one’s intended career.

Although senior Mackenzie Thomas does not plan to continue working at her co-op workplace after graduation, she will be using her business experience to start her own rock excavating company after college. On top of starting an MDX site and driving rock truck, Thomas also plans to continue her work at Furnace Hill Holsteins farm.

From periods 5 to 8 each school day, Thomas works at Bamberger’s Inc., an energy company and auto shop in Lebanon. Thomas was introduced to this co-op through her parents, who own the company.

Working a co-op has taught Thomas important lessons that she might not have learned in a school classroom, according to Thomas.

“Co-op has taught me the importance of accountability,” said Thomas. “When others are depending on you, you need to do the best that you can.”

Not only has Thomas learned soft skills, but she has also developed expertise in business. Thomas works at Bamberger’s Inc. to help with accounting and other errands needed.

“I have learned a lot about book-keeping and keeping track of financials which is essential in any business operation,” said Thomas.

Thomas finds her co-op beneficial as she plans to continue in the business industry and can apply her learnings later in life. Thomas is committed to Penn State Harrisburg where she aims to gain an associate degree in business.

“Co-op is super convenient for me, because I am earning money to help pay for college, and I'm learning things relevant to my major: business,” said Thomas.

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