New advisor leads student council

Grace Tadajweski l Editor-In-Chief

After working at the school for 30 years, teacher, librarian, and peer mediation advisor, Katy Gerhart, has taken upon a new role as student council advisor.

With her new role comes many opportunities and responsibilities that former student council advisor and retiree, Jane Hepler, previously tackled. Student council organizes numerous activities for the student body such as Powder Puff, the King of Hearts fundraiser and dance, and Falcon Fair.

“(I wanted to takeover student council) mainly to work with the students, build activities for the student body, and get the kids excited about participating in school activities,” said Gerhart.

Even though the school year just started a couple weeks ago, student council is already in full swing operating Falcon Fair today.

“I am just nervous about it all coming together since it’s my first year planning it,” said Gerhart.

Despite the change in student council advisors, the Falcon Fair day is running like normal with many of the same activities found in previous years. Once Falcon Fair finishes up today, student council will be looking forward to other events occurring in the future.

“(I am most excited for the planning of) King of Hearts,” said Gerhart. “It raises money for the American Heart Association, gets the whole school involved and the community involved, and it is fun to watch the kids compete.”

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