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Mysterious New Falcon Swoops In

Brendan Sheehan l Associate Editor

Soaring in the student section or pumping it up at pep rallies, nothing beats the classic symbol of the Falcon mascot.

Senior Ryan Glover has made a legacy of himself as the current falcon mascot, starting when he was in middle school. It was years before the last Falcon roamed the fields.

That was until one anonymous underclassman was ready to take on the challenge.

This new Falcon mascot, who has requested to remain anonymous but is known to the editors of the Talon, started their mascot career at the beginning of this year.

According to the Falcon, they made themselves a mascot by coordinating with their parents and a guidance counselor to make the magic happen.

They had first taken an interest in mascotting after watching their cousin mascot for a D-1 school.

“He always mentioned the rush of joy and the fans cheering and that made me really yearn for that feeling,” said the Falcon. “Also, a friend told me it would be really funny.”

After years of experience getting the crowded hyped up and ready to go, Glover claims the anonymous falcon has done a good job filling his shoes.

“There’s a lot of pressure on him. I thought I did a pretty good job during the football season,” said Glover. “Right now, he can look kind of shy, so my advice for him is to be more outgoing.”

Glover became a mascot during his 7th grade year after attending several of his older sister’s varsity basketball games. While at first, he was given the old Falcon costume, probably not worn for years before he put it on, he decided to invest in a new costume with his family.

“So many kids come up to me and give me high fives, and it’s really fun,” said Glover.

“Seeing the expression and emotion on their faces brings me joy.”

The new falcon describes mascotting in a similar sense. They described the falcon as a character, someone “who is confident, kind and funny, not burdened by the anxieties of life.”

“I get to connect to Falcon Nation in a whole different way,” said the Falcon. “Instead of being a random student in the 2025 class, I’m the falcon whom most respect and admire.”

When it comes to being a good mascot, the falcon describes charisma, confidence, fortitude, and foot strength all coming to light as they begin their journey.

“By the end of one night mascotting, your feet will feel like jelly,” said the Falcon.

The falcon’s anonymity was inspired by the iconic trope in the Spiderman multi-verse, they said. Besides just looking up to their hero, having an anonymous identity makes their experience more enjoyable.

“It is a bit more stressful because keeping it a secret from so many people is super hard to do, but the mystery behind it makes it all worth it,” said the Falcon.

According to the Falcon, they plan to only reveal their identity once they graduate. In the meanwhile, they want to remain a mystery to maintain the best character possible.

“Being the falcon makes me feel amazing, it is like the anxiety is lifted off of my shoulders,” said the Falcon. “(I don’t have to be) a student anymore, I’m the falcon that gives people immense joy and happiness.”

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