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Marching band brings spirit to football games

Delaney Smith l Feature Editor

For students in the marching band, this past summer has been full of long practices in the hot sun.

These students have worked incredibly hard in order to bring a greater sense of school spirit to the football games and to prepare for the competitions that they will participate in throughout the year.

“It’s been pretty positive, a lot of high-level achievement,” said band director Scott Muenz. “It’s been a very strong start.”

With the new season comes three drum majors, senior Sophia Medzoyan, senior Zachary Brutko, and junior Molly Hibshman, who will lead the marching band at both football games and band competitions. Along with leading the band, being a drum major comes with several other responsibilities as well; they oversee tempo maintenance, the musical balance of the band, setting up equipment, and act as leaders for all of the students, especially new members.

“I am very excited to be a drum major,” said Brutko. “This is my second year in the position, so I am excited to improve on the successful season we all had last year.”

Despite all their responsibilities, these students enjoy what they do and are all looking forward to a great season. The seniors are especially feeling bittersweet towards their final year as drum majors.

“Football games, away games in particular, are my favorite part of the fall season,” said Medzoyan. “I’m equally excited to see how we do at competitions this year, especially after our recent championship win.”

In order to earn their position as drum major, they were first required to go through an audition process that involved demonstrating tempo control and conduction patterns. Next, they each went through an interview where they had to explain what they would contribute to the band if they were selected as a drum major.

“I tried out for the first time as a sophomore and served as junior drum major for one year, before being promoted to head drum major for two years in a row,” said Medzoyan.

Marching band is an important part of school spirit. Without our dedicated band members, football games would not carry the same energy that students look forward to every Friday night.

“I really enjoy our football games as a drum major,” said Hibshman. “I still get to enjoy the game and play an instrument in the stands.”

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