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Falcon nation falls short of expectations

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

On Sept. 16, issue one of the 57th edition of the Talon was released. In this issue, the top of page three was headlined with, “Falcon Nation Stresses Inclusivity.”

After a separate Nov. 18 story about the Falcon Nation leaders’ winter goals and some time into the winter sports season, one can only wander, where did Falcon Nation go wrong?

Falcon Nation is headed by five leaders. Together, the leaders use Instagram and Twitter to unite students and share exciting themes and upcoming dates for sporting events.

At the sporting events that Falcon Nation leaders promote with pride and anticipation, large student sections full of boisterous chants frequent the stands. These sporting events often leave fans and athletes with smiles on their faces as they experience the togetherness of Falcon Pride.

However, it seems that these promoted sporting events tend to only be basketball games. Boys’ basketball games.

Falcon Nation leaders released the list of winter sporting event dates and themes on Dec. 3. With a joyful suspense, many hurriedly scanned the post on their Instagram feed with hopes of seeing flashy themes and many dates.

The post featured three slides with the first flaunting the title, “Winter Sports Theme Schedule.” The caption reads, “The official Falcon Nation winter sports theme schedule. Hope you all enjoy.”

The first two slides are filled top to bottom with boys’ basketball game dates and themes. The slides list 20 games, the team’s entire schedule.

The final slide is practically empty and lists a mere two girls’ basketball games, one swim meet, and one wrestling match.

Members of the Falcon Nation leadership discussed their inclusive goals for the winter season within the November story. Some hoped to include shout outs for all sports on the social media while others had goals of increasing school spirit at sporting events besides boys’ basketball.

Now, six boys’ basketball Instagram posts, nine boys’ basketball Tweets, one swimming Instagram post, and four girls’ basketball Tweets into the season, the leaders’ goals are not looking too good.

Where is wrestling? And when will bowling even be mentioned for the first time?

Although the Falcon Nation leaders cannot force students to attend all sporting events, they can certainly treat all sporting events with the same respect. Athletes are not treated equally despite putting forth similar notable efforts of passion and hard work for the sports that they train for, compete for, and love.

All sports teams are entitled to their entire schedule being posted by Falcon Nation. If a sports team’s schedule is made more accessible to students by sharing it on Falcon Nation’s widely followed Instagram account, students have many more options to attend these events.

Posting the sports teams’ entire schedules requires minimal extra effort but has the power to produce a very worthy, powerful result. The Falcon Nation leaders posting these schedules shows leadership and a positive example for other students, just as the leaders stated that they wanted to demonstrate.

Additionally, all sports deserve posts on both the Twitter and Instagram accounts. Whether it be a score recap, a good luck to the athletes, or a reminder to students about the event, posts from Falcon Nation leaders show an example of positivity that can be reciprocated by all in the school.

A change in the attention shone to each sports team from Falcon Nation leaders is necessary to reassert the importance of inclusivity and support. Falcon Nation has the power to bring a completely new excitement to sports teams, but all athletes have yet to see that power.

Inclusivity and equality come first. Then, maybe, we can enjoy Falcon Nation’s Instagram post.

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