"I'm BV Man!"

Anna Peelen l Entertainment Editor

He is vengeance, he is the night, he is... BV Man?

The school’s broadcast video team has created a thrilling, action packed series titled “BV Man.” The series is a spinoff of “The Batman,” but instead follows the show’s main character, BV Man, played by broadcast teacher Cody Hassler.

Production for BV Man started last school year in May. The idea started as a joke, but the crew snowballed the idea until it had enough potential to become a show. Over the summer, senior Matthew Harrell developed the idea, so the team could start filming this school year during prep and lunch periods.

“Wyatt Levan, Mr. Hassler, and I were joking about a TikTok we were making for the CCHS Today page, and it got out of control and now we’re filming,” said Harrell.

On Oct. 21, the first episode titled ‘Disappearance’ was broadcasted on CCHS Today’s

YouTube page.

“The first episode was received extremely well with a lot of anticipation and suspense for the next episode,” said senior Yorkeli Paulino, who appears in the show.

So far, the first episode has racked up 321 views on YouTube.

“Matt's goal is to bring a story to life over the course of nine episodes,” said Hassler. “He's really thought things through, so he is off to a great start.”

BV Man has also allowed the broadcast students to utilize some new equipment they received this year. Equipment such as colored lights and a GH6 Panasonic are used on BV Man and are new to the school’s broadcasting inventory.

Because of the intricate and involved manner of the show, the series also allows for the application of new shots and ideas.

“There was one scene that Matt and me filmed which utilized a Hitchcock zoom,” said senior and executive producer Alex Hanley. “I sat in a rolling chair with the GH6 (Panasonic), and Matt pulled me back while we were filming.”

The crew is unsure when the next episode is going to be released as sticking to a monthly episode basis proves to be difficult.

“My goal is trying to finish the show on time and not get stressed out,” said Harrell.

Despite setbacks, the team has many ambitions for the show and is excited to see how far it goes.

“We can't wait to release each episode,” said Hassler, “When we make films, the real joy comes out of the audience watching. We hope everyone likes what we have in store.”

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