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Homecoming returns to cafeteria

Katherine Idgunji l News Editor

Homecoming this year with be Saturday, Oct. 1 from 7:30 to 10 p.m. in the high school cafeteria. Homecoming is expected to return to normal this year, and with this, comes the buzz of excitement in the air.

Students are looking forward to spending the night with friends and having a good time. Many students feel that dressing up is also a big part of the excitement as well as going out to dinner with close friends before the dance.

“I’m most looking forward to spending the night with all my friends and getting to dress up,” said sophomore Camilla Zimmerman. “I have plans to go out to dinner with a big group of my friends and then go to the dance.”

As many underclassmen will experience Homecoming for the first time, many are just excited to fulfill their high school expectations by hanging out with friends.

“My plans for homecoming are to spend time with friends and have fun,” said sophomore Leah Jaeger. “My favorite part about any school dance is getting dressed up with friends and the time before the dance, which I would say is equally as fun as the dance itself.”

The theme for Homecoming this year is “Hollywood Night.” Students from Pep Club have been working hard to get ready and prepare for the dance. Students are looking forward to see the decorations that go along with the theming.

“I am most looking forward to the music and decorations at homecoming,” said Jaeger. “I’m excited to see what everything will look like this year with the theme.”

The high school has not seen a normal homecoming since 2019. Last school year, Homecoming was at the Lebanon Expo center with attendance being limited to only Juniors and Seniors. This year, all students are invited and the dance is returning to the cafeteria.

“There will be a different theme, all students are able to participate,” said Pep Club adviser Holly Boger. “We will also return to our usual location.”

Freshman, sophomores, and juniors are excited to see what a normal Homecoming will look like. Students are excited to be able to connect with their fellow classmates.

“I’m extremely excited that homecoming is returning to normal,” said Jaeger. “The whole point of Homecoming is to welcome back students, and this year we finally get to have all students attending together again. It will be a great way for all of us to have fun and meet new people, and kick off the school year.”

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