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Homecoming queen behind the scens

Ryan Glover l Digital Editor

Every year seniors elect 10 girls for the Homecoming court. Out of these 10, only one is voted in to represent the senior class as the Homecoming queen.

During half time of the Homecoming football game, Elsa Thomas was astonished to hear her name announced for first place. Along with Thomas, Maria Skulski was announced as second runner-up and Grace Tadajweski as first runner-up.

“It was surreal,” said Thomas. “I was so shocked that my name was called for Homecoming queen, and I felt all the feelings.”

All throughout her life she never even dreamed about becoming Homecoming queen. Thomas thought the odds were more against her for getting on the court. With only seniors voting, she believed this might challenge her.

“I never thought that I would be on homecoming court, most of my friends are in different grades than I am, so I didn’t know who would vote me on,” said Thomas.

About two weeks after the court was announced, all students got the chance to pick who they wanted to win Homecoming queen by voting for one court member. It is no easy task to become the queen, because lots of votes are required, more than just from one’s group of friends.

“I think that most of my votes came from being involved in a lot of different clubs and activities at school that include all of the grade levels,” said Thomas. “I have become very close with a lot of underclassmen while being an upperclassman.”

Like Thomas, Skulski and Tadajweski fostered similar feelings of excitement regarding being Homecoming runners-up.

“I was just stunned when my name got announced, I could not believe that I was voted to be second runner-up,” said Skulski.

“Being announced first runner-up was super surprising but also very exciting,” said Tadajweski. “It was so nice to talk to so many people, both on and off the court, after halftime and see how excited and kind they were too,” said Tadajweski.

The dance took place Saturday, Oct 1. Last year, the dance was in the Expo center, and only juniors and seniors were allowed to attend. This year, the dance was back in the cafeteria, and open to all students who wanted to attend.

While some students believed that the dance was not as good as it was hyped up to be, Thomas had a great time dancing.

“The dance was super fun,” said Thomas. “I loved getting to dance and have fun with my friends, I'm glad that homecoming was back to normal this year.”

Halfway through the Homecoming dance, all the court members walked down the red carpet with their escorts. Thomas and her escort, Zac Brutko, entered last to finish off the Homecoming Court procession.

“I chose to bring Zac Brutko as my escort because we have known each other for a long time, and he is one of my closest friends,” said Thomas. “I had a great time just having fun with him.”

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