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Flex period changes school day, good or bad?

Students, staff, and administration alike are often looking for time to have students make up work, get help from teachers, and host assemblies. The school has added a flex period once every month for these needs to be met.

So far, there have been two flex periods, and the positive results are already evident. On days with a flex period, the school day runs much like a normal activity period schedule

with the flex period coming right after first period.

Students often express feeling overwhelmed and stressed with the workload that they often carry, and missing a day of school due to sickness, sports, or a school trip does not help with this anxiety. So, having this flex period allows for students to get caught up on work or make up a test or quiz that they may have missed.

In the long run, this time could really benefit a students’ mental health by allowing them an extra 40 minutes each month to work on schoolwork and build connections with the Falcons around them. In addition to the anxiety that flex period will take off students, it will also benefit students academically.

Flex period is a set time that students can work on schoolwork, but also get help from their teachers with just a short walk down the hall. Students often feel intimidated to ask for help but having a set time for help will really lower this barrier.

Flex period takes a load off of staff, so that come the end of the marking period, there are less missing assignments from students. Flex period also allots time for certain departments to meet.

This new time also allows for assemblies to be held without creating a conflict with the normal school day schedule. Without this time, classes would take place at weird times and create a problem for teachers who have multiple periods of the same class.

During flex periods, students are also able to connect with their peers through group projects and talking quietly in their first period classes. This will lead to better connections with students in their classes and with their teachers.

In a time where schedules are filled, this time is more valuable than ever for students to get caught up on work and connect with the people that are around them. In the end, flex period will benefit Falcons both mentally and academically.

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