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Falcon Fair early this year

Grace Tadajweski l Editor-In-Chief

With 22 clubs participating in this year’s Falcon Fair, both students and club members will be sure to reap the benefits of today: fun with friends and club profit.

Falcon Fair is occurring today, Friday, September 16 from 11:15-2:30 p.m. Periods four, five, six, and seven will happen prior to Falcon Fair while periods one, two, three, and eight will take place as Falcon Fair goes on.

“I enjoy knowing that all the hard work will pay off in the end,” said senior student council president Paige Bucher. “I also enjoy knowing my whole council is responsible and will do everything they can for our classmates to have an exciting time.”

As president of student council, Bucher turned to vice president senior Alyssa Vandett along with advisor Katy Gerhart for help with the planning process. Student council members each hold different responsibilities for the day such as supervising games on the turf or cleaning up trash.

“I also have experience and ideas from past years to incorporate into this year’s planning process which has helped a ton,” said Bucher.

Bucher holds a strong faith in her fellow student council members that they will “get the job done” as they fulfil their tasks during the day. Despite being busy, Bucher hopes to find time to hang out with her friends today.

“I am most excited to see my peers have a fun time as well as see clubs raise money,” said Bucher. “There is so much fun stuff to participate in and so many food options to pick from.”

The afternoon will be concluded by the annual student v. faculty football game. However, football is not the only game offered throughout the course of Falcon Fair as soccer, volleyball, carnival games, and even an inflatable obstacle course are available too.

“(I am most looking forward to), for sure, playing Spikeball with my best friend Kayla,” said junior Annie Forry.

Food will also be a highlight for many students today, for sweets such as milkshakes, Rita’s Italian ice, and fried Oreos will be available for purchase. Additionally, the school lunch is cheeseburger slides, carrots, apples, chips, and water.

“(I plan to spend my day) shamefully eating several fried Oreos,” said junior Finn Royer.

While some students will simply be enjoying the day, other students may work at a stand for a club which they are a member of. Sophomore Ethan Bowman will be working at two different club stands.

“(Taking care of the stands is) not very interesting, but I do enjoy meeting new people in doing so,” said Bowman.

FFA will be selling mozzarella sticks today which doubles as a promotion for agriculture and the dairy industry.

“We like that Falcon Fair gets students to come together, meet new people, and we get to promote what we love,” said senior FFA president Nina Stevenson.

Falcon Fair not only allows students to enjoy food and games from clubs but also see some of the clubs that are available to join. Students can talk to club members to get a taste of what each can offer.

“I’m excited to promote my club to new students and to earn money for the club, so we can keep doing fun activities,” said senior Battle Buddies president Jill Tobias. “Also, I’m excited to spend time with friends.”

Funds raised at Falcon Fair help to ensure that clubs can participate in events and run smoothly for the school year. Ski and snowboard club will be using the funds that they raise selling snow cones to pay for transportation costs and lift tickets to offset the cost that students must pay.

“(I am most excited) to cool the kids down with our delicious snow cones,” said ski and snowboard club advisor Emma Lebo.

Falcon Fair offers students a break to socialize and finish off the week on a relaxed note.

“(I will be) spending time with my friends while also getting to support some amazing clubs around the school,” said senior Elizabeth Wilson.

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