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Chorus sings their way to Millersville

Delaney Smith l Feature Editor

After their last adjudication with late choral instructor Randall Marks, the concert choir is finally set to travel to Millersville University on March 9 where they will be competing against other schools from across the state.

The goal of the adjudication is to hold the chorus members and instructor accountable to the curriculum that they are being taught while also allowing them to show off what they have learned so far. They will be receiving constructive criticism from several judges that will then be used to improve the chorus in years to come.

“I think it will be great for our choir to get feedback from someone other than myself,” said choir instructor Leslie Rauchut. “I think having someone else point out things that we can work on can only help us improve for the future.”

The choir will be presenting two pieces that will best show off their singing ability. One of these songs was performed at the holiday concert, and the other piece will be performed later in the semester at the spring concert.

“I think that this year we will do well as a group because we have solid seniors in each section,” said junior Sam Pedersen who is the president of mixed chorus. “When you put all of those singers together, it creates something truly mesmerizing. I am looking forward to showing other participants at the adjudication what Cedar Crest is made of.”

Senior Taliah Thomas, who has been in all choral groups throughout her entire high school career, is looking forward to being able to travel to one more competition with her friends before graduation. The seniors’ last performance with the chorus will be the spring concert in April.

“I think we will do our best,” said Thomas. “It’s going to be our last chance besides the spring concert to perform all of our songs and have a fun traveling experience.”

The choir was set to participate at an adjudication in the spring of 2020, but quarantine prevented that from happening. Rauchut is determined to continue adjudications in the future.

“(I am looking forward to) getting feedback from directors in order to be a better singer individually and a better chorus,” said sophomore Everett Laster.

There are many talented individuals in the chorus this year, so Rauchut is hopeful that Cedar Crest will rank well at the event.

“I think we will do our best,” said Thomas. “We have been adequately preparing and putting in lots of hard work and dedication, and I think that will reflect in our scores.”

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