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Bowling Team Player Strikes a Chance at Leagues

Grace Tadajweski l Editor-In-Chief

With two weeks until singles Leagues, junior bowler Toby Zombro set a high bar of goals for himself.

The bowling team is comprised of three seniors, three juniors, one sophomore, and four freshmen.

Zombro is the leading scorer on the 11-person bowling team. Last year, Zombro was the team’s second leading scorer behind his 2022 graduate brother Darren Zombro.

“I would say my performance is great better than last year,” said Zombro. “I would say that I am more consistent and focused.”

Zombro averages 211 per game, but his highest game was 279. His high series is 711.

“My goals are to make it to Districts and States and hopefully MVP,” said Zombro.

MVP is a league title earned by a bowler who performs the best in matches and tournaments in the Lebanon-Lancaster League overall.

“(To reach my goals), I would do my best, practice more, and hopefully do good in the tournaments,” said Zombro.

Depending on how one performs compared to others in a tournament, they may advance to its semi-finals or finals.

“(I am looking forward to) making it to the finals in L-L singles, regionals, and hopefully making Districts,” said Zombro.

Boys’ singles Districts take place on Feb. 25, and boys’ singles Regionals takes place the following Friday on March 3. Having one of the longest winter sports seasons, bowling’s

States wraps up the season two weeks later on March 17.

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