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After 27 Seasons a Classic Show Changes up

Delaney Smith l Feature Editor

Love is in the air and there is no better way to spend this Valentine’s Day than catching up on the new season of everyone’s favorite drama, the Bachelor.

The 27th season of the show premiered on Jan. 23 and will continue to air an episode every Monday at 8 p.m. until the season finale. This season, Bachelor Nation fans are welcoming Zach Shallcross as he searches for a connection with one of the 30 women also looking for love.

Shallcross can be recognized from Season 19 of the Bachelorette with Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey. Season 19 will always be remembered due to the twist of having two Bachelorettes and the extra drama it caused.

The men from Season 19 were given a choice of who they wanted to pursue more. Shallcross chose Recchia, but unfortunately for him, their relationship did not work out.

Fans of the show are eager to see what surprises are coming with this new Bachelor and group of women. Fun dates, rose ceremonies, and dramatic limo entrances keep everyone at the edge of their seats.

Not everyone is excited to see Shallcross as the new bachelor for this season. Despite this, the season is sure to maintain the dramatic interactions that the show is notorious for.

“I don’t like Zach,” said librarian Katy Gerhart. “I think he’s kind of weird and dorky.”

Recently, the Bachelor has been receiving a decreasing number of views which is causing ABC to begin considering cancelling the show. This season especially has received the worst ratings ever seen in Bachelor history.

There have been many complaints about how Shallcross was a poor choice for the leading role of this season.

“I didn’t feel the pull towards Zach or the show that I usually do when starting a new season,” said social worker Erin Callihan. “There is something cringey about all of these people dating one guy at the same time.”

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