Staffer gets first tattoo

photo provided by: Marissa Arnold

Towards the end of winter break I began to come to a realization that I finally was ready for a tattoo.

Chuck’s Tattooing and Piercing was overall the best shop to go to and known to be the best in Lebanon. I couldn’t get the tattoo until my season ended with Winterguard, so I picked April 13th.

My entire high school experience has been centered on Colorguard. The activity has allowed me to make great memories with a wonderful group of girls.

I chose to go with the imagery associated with our first competitive show, a bare tree and lantern. I took that design and put it in a different style to make it more unique to me.

Then I passed it onto my friend, Grace Redclift, to improve it. I see the flaws in my own work and needed another artist to fix those.

Once I saw what she had created I became even more excited for my upcoming appointment with Chuck. On the special day I walked nervously into the shop with my boyfriend and was taken to the back to Chuck’s space.

The first 20 minutes were a bearable pain that felt similar to a burn. I squeezed my boyfriend’s hand red until I finally got used to the feeling.

We chatted through the hour and a half process and got to hear a bunch of stories from Chuck. I was so thankful to have an awesome artist make my first tattoo experience more enjoyable than I had expected.

Once I was done, the tattoo area was swollen and bleeding in a few spots. That didn’t bother me much since I’m not the queasy type.

I was just fascinated to see the now complete and permanent design on my arm that will always remind me of my guard. This whole experience what something I’d always been eager for and I am so glad to see hit came to fruition.

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