Teacher raises over $800

As the final major fundraising event comes to a close, one class made a huge monetary impact. This year, Mrs. Gingrich’s classes raised the most money totaling over $800 for Relay For Life.

“I take great pride in putting a lot of effort and getting my kids excited about this event,” said Gingrich. “Knowing that it goes to a lot of people for a great cause makes my heart happy.”

She gets very competitive every year and is the reigning champ of highest donor. Her maternal grandmother was a breast cancer survivor and a friend of hers was recently diagnosed.

“It’s awesome,” said fellow teacher Mrs. Lutz. “She does such a great job motivating them.”

Lutz is involved in the coordination of this event. She has been a part of a Relay For Life team since she attended college at LVC.

“I just think it’s really important that students continue to see the importance of it and raising awareness and helping people with cancer,” said Mrs. Lutz.

Of all the students in Gingrich’s class, one pitched in the most. Sophomore Cole Pennington donated $100 to the cause.

“I donated because I have experience with family with cancer and I always support the Relay For Life Foundation,” said Pennington. “I do this because it’s for a good cause.”

This year the total raised was over $13,700. This is the third highest amount raised at Cedar Crest. Last year $18,000 was raised.

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