Powder Puff cancelled after over 30 years

After an underdog victory last year, seniors must forfeit a possible double victory at Powder Puff due to its cancelation.

Powder Puff is the annual senior v. junior flag football game played by the girls of the respective classes. The football player’s coach the team, and the cheerleaders train an all-boys squad to perform at halftime.

Scheduling complications led to the cancellation of Powder Puff, which means junior and senior girls will be unable to participate in the event this year.

“I know [the players] will be disappointed,” said Vice president Emily Yoder, who co-headed Powder Puff. “But we did all we could and it’s not about the winning, it’s about the kids we raise money for.”

Powder Puff is run by student council every year to raise money for the Children’s Miracle Network.

Since the event was cancelled, student council will not be able to raise its normal $2,000 for the Network. However, the club donated $15,000 to the Network earlier this year.

“It is definitely going to drop our fundraising which will be upsetting to see,” said Yoder. “Hopefully next year they’ll be able to push it through.”

This will be the first time in student council adviser Jane Hepler’s nearly 30 years of teaching that the Powder Puff game will not be played.

“I really feel bad that they couldn’t play but there was just no way to do it,” said student council adviser Jane Hepler. “I’m disappointed.”

The event, which was originally scheduled for mid-November, was postponed for the spring due to inclement weather.

“It was like negative temperatures and no one would’ve come and the point is to make money,” said Hepler. “There is nothing we could really do about it.”

Last year the current senior class overturned the seniors.

“I was disappointed that I won’t be able to play my senior year,” said Yoder. “But at least we got the junior victory, so I feel satisfied.”

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