Math teacher fund raises after family diagnosis

Every year, math teacher Carin Marzock allows her students to participate in Relay for Life, but this year the event really hits home for her on a personal level.

Marzock’s sister-in-law was diagnosed with breast cancer this school year, and has been undergoing chemotherapy treatment since her diagnosis.

“It’s just not something you expect for someone in their mid-thirties to be fighting,” said Marzock.

Luckily Marzock’s sister-in-law had a very good prognosis, and she will officially be getting her last round of chemotherapy next week.

“They told her we caught this early” said Marzock. “She was at a good stage that her cancer was very beatable.”

Marzock also has a very close friend from college that battled cancer. Her friend was diagnosed with a severe stage of cancer shortly after giving birth to her third child, she too persevered and recently gave birth to a fourth “miracle baby.”

In the past Marzock has always encouraged her students to donate for Relay for Life, but this year in particular she has an even bigger urge to collect donations to support the cause.

“I’m not somebody that likes to do everything because of how it affects me personally,” said Marzock. “But these experiences have definitely given me a bigger platform and motivation to get everyone to participate.”

This year will also be the first year that Marzock is offering an incentive to the class period that raises the most money.

“I enjoy listening to some of the student’s conversations as they walk for Relay for Life,” said Marzock.” “It allows everyone to relate to each other in some kind of way.”

Almost everyone has had someone in their life effected by cancer, so Relay for Life is an event to bring all the students together to remember the ones they have lost and encourage the ones that are fighting to continue on with their battle.

“I really like that Relay for Life allows the students to form a bond with people that they might otherwise never talk to,” said Marzock.

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