Campus open for juniors, seniors

Updated: 2 days ago

Due to concerns about Coronavirus, the school is offering an open campus option to juniors and seniors for this year.  

 Many student drivers have been loving the open campus option, where they can leave during a lunch period and go home or go out to eat.

 The school requires that a parent sign the form, and that the student or your parent drives to the destination.  

 “I go to South Hills and eat my lunch there,” said senior Riley Danielewicz. “I really enjoy having the freedom to go somewhere else other than just eating in the cafeteria.”  

 The school has offered the option to juniors in an attempt to create space in the cafeteria for proper social distancing guidelines.  

 “I think it is nice to have this option as a junior because it gives us more responsibility,” said junior Mackenzie Kerkeslager. “It’s also being safer because there are less kids around me and others.”  

 Students may choose to do different things during their free period.

 Some choose to go home, and others choose to go to a restaurant, grab some food and get started on some homework.  

 “I plan to go somewhere to get food and start on my homework and I will probably just eat in my car,” said senior Phillip Patches.

Photo by Racheal Wildonger/Yearbook Staff

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