Senior attends college abroad

photo provided by Rory Zimmel

While college is a first taste of living independently, most people are still close enough to come home in an emergency.

However, senior Rory Zimmel decided to cut out this geographical safety net by attending college at Brighton University in England to study music business and media.

Despite the drastic gap between her family and her future college, Zimmel is not worried about the change of pace.

“I’m really not that nervous right now,” said Zimmel. “I like to travel and love being in new places. The challenge to learn in another country excites me.”

She is also confident in her ability to adapt to her new atmosphere and the challenge of being independent abroad.

“I think I’ll learn how to survive on my own and be able to put myself out there more,” said Zimmel. “It isn’t like I can drive home in a couple of hours I need to put myself out there so I can enjoy the experience fully.”

Zimmel got accepted into the program in a matter of days and was immediately intrigued by Brighton and its programs.

“I kept thinking of all the colleges I could go to, and Brighton stuck out at me,” said Zimmel. “It’s a great opportunity for me.”

While making her final decision, Zimmel kept thinking back to Brighton and all the opportunities the college offered.

“It was a once in a lifetime experience I couldn’t pass up,” said Zimmel.

Although she initially looked at colleges outside of the state, Zimmel never planned to apply anywhere out-of-country.

“I always knew I wanted to study abroad during college,” said Zimmel. “I saw that Brighton had my major, and I thought why not study abroad my whole education?”

Studying in England will allow Zimmel easy access to explore the surrounding countries including Scotland, Ireland and France.

“I’m looking forward to meeting new people, discovering Brighton, and traveling through England and to the nearby countries,” said Zimmel.

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